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Why Swapping Our POS Audi TT For A Volkswagen Up Was The Best Decision

After giving up fixing my girlfriend's old Mk1 Audi TT 22 BAM and replacing it with an Up, I've decided it was the perfect decision

Is This The Perfect Lexus LFA Spec?

This barely-used LFA, up for auction in Florida next month, looks fabulous in Steel Gray with a red interior

Enjoy Watching 9 Minutes Of Cars That Look Out Of Place At The Nurburgring

This compilation video celebrates some more unconventional 'Ring weapons, from a track-prepped Fiat Multipla to a bog-standard Citroen AX

2021 Car Industry April Fool's Pranks: The Good And The Bad

There are some surprisingly decent April Fool's gags from the car industry this year and one that backfired spectacularly

Watch And Listen To The GMA T.50's N/A V12 Topping 10,000rpm On The Dyno

Finally, we have a chance to hear the Cosworth-built 3.9-litre V12 fully uncorked. Worth the wait? We reckon so

2022 Nissan Patrol Nismo Arrives With 423bhp N/A V8 And A Big Face

Nissan has revealed a facelifted version of the Middle Eastern market Patrol Nismo, which retains a 424bhp N/A V8

Edd China Is Launching A New YouTube Show

The former Wheeler Dealers mechanic is launching 'Edd China's Workshop Diaries' on 2 April

Fancy Buying A Renault 5 Turbo Powered By A Rotary Engine?

This Renault 5, currently up for online auction, is powered by a Mazda 13B two-rotor engine

This Is The Mercedes-AMG C63's 600bhp+ I4 Hybrid Powertrain

Mercedes has confirmed the setup for the next AMG C-Class and given details on the V8 hybrid powertrain in its incoming '73' models

Ken Block's RS200 And Two Gymkhana Fiestas Are Up For Sale

The 600bhp Ford Fiestas featured in Gymkhana 3, 6 and 8 plus Block's RS200 are being sold

Driver Manages "Unprecedented" 66 Speeding Offences In 10 Months

A Hampshire driver has been banned from driving for three years after racking up an incredible number of offences in a short space of time

The 576bhp Kia EV6 GT Will Do 0-62mph In 3.5 Seconds

Kia has fully revealed its new Tesla Model S-rivalling electric saloon, and the range-topping GT is rather quick

Volkswagen Officially Not Changing Its Name To 'Voltswagen' In The USA (Updated)

An 'accidentally' posted press release suggested that Volkswagen will soon become 'Voltswagen' in the US to reflect the company's shift in focus, but it's been revealed to be nothing more than an ill-judged stunt

The Ford Mondeo Is About To Die - Let's Commiserate With This Early V6 Example

With news of the Mondeo's impending demise emerging this month, we thought we'd pick something topical out of the classifieds

Here's What Mercedes' New 1.4-Metre 'Hyperscreen' Looks Like In A Car

Mercedes has revealed interior images of the new EQS, revealing a dashboard that is mostly made up of one huge screen unit