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This Porsche 911 GT3 Has Covered Almost 300,000km – On Track

Around 950 Nurburgring laps and 3000 laps of Spa have contributed to an amazingly hard life for this 996-era 911 GT3 – but it’s not on its first, or even second engine…

The 542bhp Bentley Flying Spur V8 Is 100kg Lighter Than The W12, Still Silly Fast

Bentley has revealed the expected V8 version of the Flying Spur, which is significantly more efficient yet nearly as quick

VW Golf 8 GTI Clubsport S Ruled Out, GTI's 45th Anniversary Will (Probably) Be Marked Another Way

Ahead of the new Clubsport's launch, we were told a 'Ring-conquering S won't happen, but it's not all bad news

The New VW Golf GTI Clubsport Has 297bhp And A Bespoke Chassis, But No Manual

The Golf 8 GTI has already been given the track-focused 'Clubsport' treatment, with more power, improved aero and a tweaked chassis

Mercedes Has Built An EQC 4x4² For...Reasons

Mercedes' all-electric SUV has been given the lifted '4x4²' treatment for this one-off prototype

Even Spicier Toyota GR Yaris Spied At The 'Ring - Is This A GRMN?

Toyota's tiny but potent all-wheel drive hot hatch appears to have spawned an even more focused variant

Honda Has Made Its Own Tuning Parts For The Updated Civic Type R

The Honda Access parts programme has revealed a range of accessories for the updated FK8 Type R

This Naked Carbon Subaru WRX STI Is Travis Pastrana's Gymkhana Beast

Pastrana will drive this one-of-a-kind, carbon fibre-bodied WRX STI in Gymkhana 11 as he subs for Ken Block

Take A Look At The Possibly A45-Engined Mercedes-AMG C63

The next-generation C63, which is expected to adopt inline-four power, has been spotted undergoing testing

8 Wild Rolls-Royce Renders Made From Kids' Drawings

The winners of Rolls-Royce's Young Designer Competition - launched when many countries were in the middle of Covid-19 lockdowns - have been announced

Here's How You Style Out A Motorbike Crash

We're in awe of the way Suzuki rider Joan Mir styled out a crash during the French Motorcycle Grand Prix's FP3 session

McLaren’s Six-Cylinder Hybrid Plans Show A Tricky Future For Supercars

Can a supercar maker maintain its image when it starts dropping cylinders? McLaren is going to find out

Watch A GT3 Racing Driver Pull Off 54 Overtakes During One 'Ring Lap

This BMW M6 GT3 qualifying lap with David Pittard at the wheel is a real thrill to watch, with some nerve-wracking moments