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Listen Carefully: This Next-Gen BMW M3 Prototype Has A Manual Gearbox

A test mule for the 2021 M3 has been spotted at the Nurburgring, eliciting a telltale pause between shifts

This Incredible 3.6sec, 338mph Dragster Run Is Record-Breaking

Brittany Force ran the fastest ever Top Fuel 1000-foot pass in Las Vegas at the weekend

5 Fantasy Cars We’d Love To See Built Under FCA-PSA

We’ve spent some time, probably not quite long enough, on imagining the kinds of love-children that could emerge from the impending PSA-FCA romance. Some are likelier than others...

What Makes Paddock Hill Bend One Of The World's Scariest Corners

Paddock Hill is not a corner to be trifled with, but what is it that makes it so daunting?

Honda Is Bringing A RWD-Converted 900bhp Civic Si Drift Car To SEMA

Honda has teamed up with Jeanneret Racing and Olson Kustom Work for this mad SEMA project

Alfa Romeo's New GTV And 8C Have Been Canned, Bigger Saloon Won't Happen Either

FCA's CEO has confirmed that Alfa Romeo's future portfolio will be "significantly scaled back," resulting in the cancellation of several much-anticipated models

Here's How Badass The 2021 F1 Cars Will Look

Formula 1's much-discussed rule changes for the 2021 season have finally been confirmed by the FIA - and given us a decent look at the design of the new cars

Lamborghini Has Joined The Lego Speed Champions World

A Huracan Super Trofeo and an Urus ST-X have been revealed as the latest Lego Speed Champions cars, with both available in one set

The 992 Porsche 911's Manual Option Is At Last Here, But Not For The Whole Range

Porsche has confirmed that a seven-speed manual gearbox will be available as a no-cost option on the 992

FCA And PSA Are In Group Merger Talks

Two of the automotive landscape’s best-known conglomerates are in talks over whether to join forces to fight the might of Toyota and Volkswagen

A 12,000rpm Honda N600 Has Won The Super Tuner Legends Series

The Honda N600, which had a pretty cool engine to start with, has won a US modding competition and will now be turned into a Hot Wheels model

The 700bhp De Tomaso P72 Will Have A Roush-Tuned Mustang V8 Heart

The reborn Italian brand has confirmed it'll stick to De Tomaso tradition by using a Ford V8 for propulsion

Watch The Bloodhound LSR Go From 50-300mph In 13 Seconds

The jet and rocket-powered Bloodhound LSR has reached 334mph during testing in South Africa