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Ken Block’s Audi S1 Hoonitron Tears Up Vegas Strip In ​​Electrikhana Video

Ken Block’s latest video has been released, showing him drifting around the Las Vegas Strip in Audi’s epic EV S1 Hoonitron

VW Ditching Hateful Touch-Sensitive Steering Wheel Controls, Admits Customers Prefer Buttons

Head of Volkswagen essentially admits that touch controls aren’t as good, and says the manufacturer will bring back physical buttons to their steering wheels

GMC’s Recall Fix For The Terrain Is Just A Piece Of Tape

Owners have been left frustrated after the recall fix for the GMC Terrain’s overly bright headlights turned out to be a piece of tape

36 Drivers All Get Flat Tyres Simultaneously On California Highway

Dozens of drivers all had a frustrating morning commute when they got flat tyres at the same time

Watch 8 Oddly Relaxing Minutes Of 2023 Honda Civic Type R Production

Take a moment to relish this footage of the new Honda Civic Type R being built in Japan

New Jersey Legislators Want To Put An End To In-Car Subscriptions

Legislators from New Jersey are going to war with carmakers to ban in-car subscriptions for pre-installed hardware.

Is The New Porsche 911 Carrera T The Perfect 992?

The new Carrera T could be the sweet spot in the 911 lineup, combining a manual gearbox with the base Carrera engine

A 250bhp Supercharged Mazda MX-5 ND Sounds Like The Ideal Sports Car

BBR has just unveiled its two supercharger packages for the ND MX-5, bumping power up to either 225bhp or 250bhp

New Audi RS3 Performance Gets Even More Power & Semi-Slick Tyres

Audi has made the already fast RS3 even quicker with the new RS3 Performance

The Renault 4 Is Coming Back (As An Off-Road-Inspired SUV)

Renault has previewed a rally-inspired version of the upcoming Renault 4 SUV at the Paris Motor Show

You’ll Probably Hate These New BMW M2 Performance Parts

BMW has unveiled new M Performance pieces for the new M2, and you’ll either love them or (most likely) hate them

This 20,000 RPM One-Cylinder Engine Simulation Sounds Bizarre

The absurd engine has been created in digital form with the help of a simulator, and the result is pretty strange

Hyundai i20 N: A Hot Hatch That Encourages You To Misbehave

After a few weeks to get to grips with our Hyundai i20 N, it's safe to say that it's getting under our skin

Hyundai Elantra N Owner Forced To Sell At Huge Loss After Battle With Californian Law

The Hyundai Elantra N is now stuck in legal limbo following trouble with its loud stock exhaust

New Ford Mustang Will Be “Much More Difficult” To Tune For This Reason

The Mustang’s Chief Engineer has bad news for third-party tuners, as the car could be almost impossible to tune