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Singer's Rally-Ready ACS Is The 911 Safari Reborn

Singer has worked with 911 rally experts Tuthill Porsche to create the All-terrain Competition Study

Designer Reveals Previously Unseen Porsche 550one 'Little Bastard' Homage

Walter De Silva has posted images of the Porsche '550one' he worked on in 2008, which hasn't been publically shown until now

BMW Used Lamborghini V10 Noise For M2 Marketing Video, Then Deleted It

In a since-deleted video, BMW USA's Instagram page used what sounds like Lamborghini V10 engine noise over clips of an M2

Richard Hammond Has A New Show With A Former Mythbuster

Amazon has released a trailer for 'The Great Escapists', which stars Richard Hammond and Tory Belleci

The Zyrus LP1200 Strada Is A Road-Legal Monster With Lambo Blood

Norwegian company Zyrus has made a road-going version of its Super Trofeo-based LP1200 R

Concrete Tyres Work, But They're Not Exactly Durable

Garage54 (who else?) decided to see what happened if it made a set of tyres from concrete

The Toyota GR Supra Sport Top Is Too Good To Stay A Concept

Toyota has put the finishing touches to its Targa-topped GR Supra, making us wish it wasn't just a one-off

This £16k BMW 550i Is A Low-Key Way To Get A 400bhp V8

M550i out of reach? Its predecessor can be snagged for a whole lot less

The Top 5 Best Super Saloons You Can Buy In 2021

A super saloon is one of the classiest ways to go fast. Here are the best ones you can buy new right now

Here Are Some Of The Nurburgring's Biggest Touristenfahrten Moments In 2020

EMS Nordschleife has put together a compilation of 'highlights & fails' from Touristenfahrten sessions at the famous track

10 Things You Need To Know Before Buying A Renault Sport Clio 172/182

The RS Clio 172 and 182 set the gold standard for affordable hot hatch fun 15-20 years ago, but if you want one, there are some things to bear in mind

Three Months With A Toyota GR Supra Left Me Slightly Underwhelmed, But That's OK

With our stint in a GR Supra coming to an end, we're reflecting back on what the car get wrong, and what it gets right