A Used Jaguar F-Type Coupe Is The Prettiest Car You Can Buy For Under £40k

The wonders of depreciation mean it's now possible to snag Jaguar's gorgeous F-Type for under £40k

It Looks Like The Old Top Gear USA Trio Will Be Making Their Own Car Show

With Top Gear America using an all-new presenter line-up, it seems the former TG USA trio are cooking up a show of their own

Modified-Car Review Competition

Sky Insurance are giving away £500 cash to the user who sends us the best review of their modified-car. You might also get to meet Car Throttle's, Alex Kersten, too...

Watch A Driver Narrowly Avoid A Head-On Crash With A Stray Trailer

Scary dashcam footage shows the moment a lorry in Western Australia lost its trailer, which quickly veered onto the other side of the road...

A Tuner Has Put Actual Mustang Hair In A Ford Mustang And We're Not Sure How To Feel

Vilner Beijing has created a one-off Mustang with leather made from horse hide, complete with horse hair...

This Guy Was Able To Escape Death Thanks To The Most Convenient Windscreen Smash Ever

After attempting to cross a flooded road near Lima, Peru, it looked like this guy was about to be swept away in his car, but he was given a convenient escape route...

The Dodge Demon's Factory Trans Brake Will Make For Fast And Ferocious Launches

The latest Challenger SRT Demon teaser reveals that the car will be the first vehicle to have a factory-fitted trans brake

Watch The Nio EP9 Whirr Its Way Around The Nurburgring

The full, uninterrupted video of the 1341bhp, electric EP9's record-breaking Nurburgring lap has been released

The New Honda Civic Type R's Engine Sounds Amazingly Like A Beautiful Five-Cylinder

This new video from Honda gives us our first chance to hear the new Civic Type R, and despite running a four-pot turbo, it sounds remarkably like it has an extra cylinder at its disposal

Here's A Half Naked, Twin-Turbo Lamborghini Huracan Belting Out 1026hp On The Dyno

The same Gosha Turbo Huracan we saw clock a stunning 8.6sec quarter at Yas Marina recently can be seen (and heard) achieving an impressive figure on a dyno run

There's A New Official Hard Top For The ND Mazda MX-5, But It's Not For Road Cars

Mazda has revealed a new hardtop option for the latest MX-5, but it's only available for Global Cup race cars

This Ridiculous Multi-Car Pile-Up Shows Why Tailgating Is A Bad Idea

Even when conditions are good, tailgating can leave you looking like a complete idiot if something happens to cars in front

McLaren Has Dropped A Design Sketch Of The Three-Seat F1 Successor

There's precious little data to add to what we know already, but the design looks like it means business

Edd China Is Leaving Wheeler Dealers Because New Producers Want To Dumb It Down

After 13 years as one of our favourite TV mechanics, Edd China has put his foot down over a decision by new producers to make his workshop sequences shorter and simpler