Soon Your iPhone Won't Work While You're Driving

As part of its iOS 11 operating system, Apple is introducing a system to deactivate notifications with the hope of removing the temptation to check your phone or even type messages while driving

Audi, Porsche And Volkswagen Have Recalled 850,000 V6 And V8 Diesels Over Dubious Emissions

The VW Group had previously claimed that its larger diesels were emissions-compliant in Europe, despite failing tests in North America and Australia, but now the company has admitted it needs to modify a whole lot of them

A Florida Man Repeatedly Shot Two AT&T Trucks That Parked Outside His House

Never mind the fact that a stray bullet or ricochet could have gone anywhere: this man's decision to start shooting telecoms company trucks full of holes beggars belief

The Ford F-150 Police Responder Is The News Rural Bad Guys Won't Want To Hear

Ford's stable of police-spec vehicles is already pretty impressive, but now, for the first time, the company has launched an uprated law enforcement pickup - and we like it a lot

Bugatti Can't Make The Chiron Faster Without Electricity

Even though a Chiron successor is still at least seven years away, Bugatti's CEO has said that electrification will have to happen if the company is to move the game onward

Porsche Is Developing A More Sonorous Flagship 718 Boxster

With the 718 Boxster and Cayman having taken a hefty beating over the sound of their new four-cylinder engines, Porsche is developing a GTS version with a new exhaust system aimed at changing all that

This Is The Most Stunningly Extreme Lotus Evora Ever And We Want One

After a new round of weight cuts and another power tweak, the Evora has reached a new zenith as the GT430, a limited-edition 190mph road-legal track weapon producing up to 250kg of downforce

Could This Fast Vauxhall Bargain Tempt You Away From A BMW 330i?

It's a tenth of a second faster to 62mph than a BMW 330i of the same age, and it's definitely good value, but would you consider the surprisingly genteel Insignia VXR as a viable fast saloon alternative to the likes of the 3 Series?

The Alfa Romeo Stelvio Is Surprisingly Cheaper Than The BMW X3 And Audi Q5

Alfa Romeo has just released UK pricing details for its first SUV, and it's good news for buyers thanks to prices that undercut the equivalents from the key German rivals

The Mercedes-AMG S63's 0-130mph Time Is Proof That Four Litres Is Enough

It may not have any more power than the E63 S, but the S63 can still crack out a seriously quick 0-100mph time

Vauxhall Has Brought Back The Famous GSi Badge And It's Not Just A Styling Exercise

If you were going to get a MkII or MkIII Astra, it had to be a GSi, but 12 years after last being seen on a Vauxhall the badge has been given a new playground on a 256bhp Insignia

John Hennessey Is Opening Up His Drag Strip To Dodge Demon Owners

In light of the NHRA's stance that the stock Dodge Demon is too fast for its drag strips, Hennessey will let you use its own quarter-mile run at Lonestar Motorsports Park