Speeding Mt. Panorama Driver Tells Cops He's Doing Bathurst 1000 'Re-Enactment'

A driver's Ford Falcon has been impounded for three months after he drove it uninsured at speed around the public roads that make up Mount Panorama circuit

Alfa Romeo Has Made A 'Sound Tunnel Index'

Alfa Romeo has worked with an acoustic consultancy and fans to create a list of the "best driving tunnels" in the UK

New Lamborghini Countach Has First On-Road Excursion And Meets The Parents

Controversial on its first release, the Countach LPI800-4 is back for an on-road photocall with its ancestors to court your opinion once more

The BMW 8-Series Has Been Facelifted, Not That You'd Know It

The 8-series range has been treated to some very light styling tweaks, new colour options and fresh tech

Widebody Honda E Proves We Need A Type R

Innovative Composites has made a widebody kit for Honda's pint-sized EV, and it looks superb

These Amazing Drift Photos Were Taken On A Modified Game Boy Camera

Someone attached a Canon SLR lens to a Game Boy Camera and took the DIY rig to a local drift competition to create some amazing retro photos

You Could Own Michael Schumacher's Old Mercedes C63 Company Car

A C63 loaned to Schumacher by Mercedes after he joined the company's newly formed F1 team is up for auction

The New 400bhp+ Ford Bronco Raptor Has A Penchant For Air Time

Ford has revealed the Raptor version of the Bronco, which comes with a beefed-up structure, more suspension travel and a 3.0-litre V6

This RWD, Toyota V8-Engined Subaru WRX STI Is Sacriligeous And We Don't Care

In a move that'll infuriate purists and delight the rest of us, this man put a 4.3-litre Lexus V8 in his WRX STI and twin-turbocharged it for good measure

Sebastién Loeb Is Now The Oldest WRC Winner Ever

Loeb, who retired from full-time WRC competition way back in 2012, won the 2022 Monte Carlo Rally and broke a record in the process

An Old Volvo Is The Best Way To Spend £1000, And I've Proven It

The used car market is somewhat crazy at the moment, but there are still bargains to be had. Could my latest purchase be one of the best?

What's Better For Snow Driving: FWD, RWD Or AWD?

The latest Tyre Reviews test involves running a Tesla Model 3 Performance in FWD, RWD and AWD modes in the snow to see what's best

Acura Has Launched Its Own Anime And You Can Watch It Now

Acura's four-part anime 'Chiaki’s Journey' aims to promote the brand's Type S line-up

Dodge 'Chief Donut Maker' Job Application Process Detailed

Dodge is now taking applications for its 'Chief Donut Maker' brand ambassador role, which comes with a $150k salary and a free Hellcat