Don't Judge, But We're Geeking Out On This Neat Windscreen Washer Funnel Device

There's a beautiful simplicity to this neat little windscreen washer tank filler, which Skoda will fit first to the Scala

The Cadillac CT5 Is Here To Replace The ATS And CTS

With saloon car demand dropping, it seems Cadillac has replaced two of its four-door models with one vehicle

You Can Cut Your Ford Fiesta ST's 0-60 By Half A Second With An App

Mountune's new tuning package for the Fiesta ST adds 25bhp via an induction kit and a clever phone app

The Bentley Continental GT V8 Is The (Slightly) Less Excessive Way To Waft

The expected sweet spot of the Continental GT range has been revealed, and it's still extremely fast

This Is Our Best Look Yet At The Incoming Porsche Taycan

As the Frankfurt debut of Porsche's first all-electric production car draws closer, Stuttgart has revealed new images of a camouflaged prototype

Here's An Early Preview Of The New Look Top Gear

Top Gear has released a short clip from series 27, which will be fronted by Freddie Flintoff, Paddy McGuinness, and Chris Harris

‘My’ Honda Civic Type R’s Cruise Control Is So Patchy I’ve Stopped Using It

If I were to pick one element of FK8 Type R ‘ownership’ that’s more aggravating than all others, it’d have to be the temperamental adaptive cruise control

Kubica Hit The Wall In F1 Qualifying Because His Car Mysteriously Became Faster

Robert Kubica has attributed his contact with the wall at Turn 10 during qualifying for the Australian Grand Pri to his car suddenly having much more grip than he expected

The Mercedes-AMG GT R Pro Is £40k More Than The 'Regular' Version

The ultimate version of the AMG GT (for now) weighs in at £188,345, and in some ways, that's decent value

New Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 Has A 180mph Top Speed Because Do You Really Need To Go Faster?

Ford has capped the top speed of its mega Mustang to 180mph, because its ability on the track is more important than bragging rights about speeds you'll never reach anyway

Cadillac’s New Badging System Uses Metric Torque Figures To Confuse Americans

In a country that uses lb-ft, Cadillac is naming its cars based on Nm torque figures as it plans to become a global player and introduce more electric vehicles

The Tesla Model Y Is Here With Seven Seats And A 300-Mile Range

Tesla's Model 3-derived crossover is here, capable of hitting 60mph in 3.5 seconds in its fastest guise

Honda Just Gifted Australian Police A Honda Civic Type R

Honda has gifted the NSW Police force a Civic Type R, but it won't be catching criminals...