Dewetron Says It 'Neither Approved Nor Validated' The SSC Tuatara's Run

Austrian company Dewetron has said it was not directly involved in SSC's claimed 331mph run, despite claims in a press release from the latter

The 1240kg, Track-Only Bugatti Bolide Has An 1825bhp Chiron Engine

Bugatti has built a car which can theoretically lap the Nurburgring in 5min 23sec, although it's not been decided if it'll go into production

Mercedes Will Soon Own A 20% Chunk Of Aston Martin

Mercedes-Benz AG's stake in Aston Martin will increase to 20 per cent, with the latter gaining access to the former's technology in return

SSC Stands By Tuatara's 331mph Video Amid Claims Of Discrepancies

After high-profile YouTubers began to claim the SSC Tuatara’s supposed world record-setting top speed run might not be what it seems, SSC has responded – although not entirely directly

The Aftermarket Has Already Designed A New Face For The BMW M4

Following stinging criticism of the new M4’s grille from just about every quarter outside of Munich, design house Prior-Design has come up with alternatives

Mystery Bugatti With ‘X-Wing’ Rear Lights Spotted Testing In France

A Bugatti that makes the Chiron look like a paragon of safe, family-friendly design has been spotted testing at Paul Ricard, and the rear light structure is absolutely mad

A Ferrari F40 On Wet, English Roads Is Pure Supercar Love

Making the most of supercar ownership is what Supercar Driver is all about, so capturing a stunning Ferrari F40 prowling the damp English countryside is the most perfect demo possible

Here’s Why We Can't Admit That The Worst Cars Are Sometimes The Best

With our writer’s relationship with his slow, boring estate car reaching a personal record length of time, we’re asking why we’re incapable of admitting the worst cars can actually be the best…

Why The Hummer EV's 11,500lb ft Figure Is Hugely Misleading, And How Much Torque It Really Makes

GMC has confirmed its claimed '11,500lb ft' isn't measured in the usual way - here's Engineering Explained crunching the numbers to find out a more useful torque figure

This All-Terrain School Bus Laughs In The Face Of Snow Days

Ever wish there was a better school bus option; something that could get your kids to school even if it snows or the zombie apocalypse finally happens? Your wait is over

The Brabus Rocket 900 Has So Much Torque It Would Shred AMG’s Gearbox

With extensive tuning, from a capacity increase to larger turbochargers, the Brabus Rocket 900 has to be electronically limited to 774lb ft to stop it mincing the standard AMG transmission…

France Introduces ‘SUV Tax’ To Curb Sales Of Heavier Cars

French legislators are technically targeting all cars over a certain weight, but in the age of the SUV boom there are no prizes for guessing which body type is really under fire

Lifted Porsche 911 With Wooden Wheel Arch Flares Spotted - Is The Safari Coming Back?

A 992-generation 911 prototype with a dramatic increase in ride height and some improvised wheel arch extensions has been spotted at the Nurburgring