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BMW's 8-Series Configurator Is Now Online

Set aside all of your important tasks for the day and envision the 8-series of your dreams with BMW's freshly-launched online configurator

‘Autopilot Cheat’ Device Under Fire From NHTSA

The NHTSA has issued a cease and desist letter to the makers of ‘Autopilot Buddy’, a device which allows Tesla drivers to use Autopilot hands free

That Time Nissan Built A Turbocharged And Supercharged Micra

The Nissan Micra, or March, has at times through history been a boredom-fest, a glorified mobility scooter and a safe, sensible first car option, but once upon a time it was also a bit unhinged...

This Straight-Six Powered Volvo V60 Polestar Is A Quirky Gem

With the S60 Polestar Engineered now here and a similarly tweaked V60 version on the way, we thought we’d dig an appropriate used alternative out of the classifieds

Nearly 500 Corvette ZR1s Have Been Recalled

A diagnostic module fault could stop the ZR1's airbags deploying in the event of an accident

Porsche Now Owns A Piece Of Rimac

Stuttgart has taken a 10 per cent stake in the Croatian electric hypercar company, with the hope of creating a "development partnership"

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The MR2 And Celica Could Return In Toyota's Sports Car Offensive

We can expect multiple new sports cars from Toyota's burgeoning GR division, and that could include MR2 and Celica successors