Porsche's New Macan S Has Lost A Turbo But Gained Performance

Porsche has introduced an all-new single-turbo V6 to the Macan in place of the old twin-turbo unit, but still manages to gain power and torque

The 1200bhp ‘White Snake’ Dodge Viper Just Became A Fireball

The 'White Snake' Dodge Viper had become a cult hero on the US drag strip circuit, regularly pulling 190mph-plus half-miles, but this snake just bit itself

Elon Musk ‘Does Not Respect’ The SEC After $20 Million Fine

Despite costing himself $20 million of his own money in a fine brought about by the SEC, Elon Musk is still at the Commission’s throat…

Tyre Factory Staff Given 10-Tyre Redundancy Package

As Goodyear closes its operations in crisis-hit Venezuela, staff are being made redundant with a package of 10 tyres each

This 10.6-Litre, Twin-V8 Acura RSX Is A Jaw-Dropping 1700hp Project

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Here's Why Putting Winters Tyres On Only One Axle Is Stupidly Dangerous

This video from Tyre Reviews is an effective demonstration of why you should never run only two winter tyres

The Toyota Supra Has Appeared In Another Racing Teaser

Before the road car’s official – and long, long-awaited – arrival, the Supra is appearing once more as a racer

Experts Want Plug-In Hybrids Banned From Public Chargers

In what is surely the plainest indication yet that the UK’s EV charging network isn’t fit for purpose, a report has called for plug-in hybrids to be banned from some charging bays

6 Things You Need To Know About The McLaren 720S Spider

McLaren's 710bhp supercar has gone topless, and the results are predictably lovely. Here's what you need to know

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This drag race pits the Hellcat-engined Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk against the all-conquering Model X P100D and a Mercedes-AMG GLC 63

A Rush Towards EVs Could Be A Parts-Sharing Charisma Whitewash

Car makers are coming up with a wild variety of body styles and designs for future electric cars, but the dynamic choice could be as thin as 1940s prison soup

Tyler Hoover's Broken McLaren Had $150k Of Warranty Work In Two Years

Hoover estimates that his stricken 12C has been in for $150,000 or repairs under warranty in only two years

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In a new Chris Harris Drives episode, BMW's new M2 Comp gets a smoky workout