Fancy A 321bhp Vauxhall Insignia VXR For £8500?

With Opel/Vauxhall's woes in the news recently, we thought we'd take a look at one of the company's happier moments

Here's How The Maybach Ultimate Luxury Concept Looks As A 'Normal' SUV

This brilliant time-lapse shows the quirky Vision Mercedes-Maybach Ultimate Luxury Concept being turned into a normal-shaped SUV

Jaguar Just Made The XE Project 8 Even Better, Simply Because It Could

Owing to the hand-built nature of the car, Jaguar's engineers have been able to carry on fiddling with the XE SV Project 8 right up until now

Watch This Guy Crash His Newly-Bought BMW Z4

This Massachusetts man managed to bin his E85-generation Z4 the day he bought it, and the accident was caught on camera

Ford Will Kill Off Most Of Its Cars By 2020 As SUVs And Pickups Take Over

As consumer tastes continue to change, Ford has announced that by 2020 the Mustang and Focus Active will be the only cars it sells in North America

World's First Convertible Range Rover Velar Created By Transporter Mishap

A transporter driver in the north west of England accidentally made a Velar convertible via a collision with a bridge

Chevrolet 'Donated' Track Time To Porsche For That 911 GT3 RS 'Ring Lap

While testing the Corvette ZR1 at the Nurburgring, Chevrolet graciously allowed Porsche to use some of its track time for that amazing GT3 RS lap

Hennessey Now Sells A 1000bhp Kit For The Jeep Trackhawk

If you want massive power but you just can't turn your back on the SUV life, American tuner Hennessey has something you might like

The Polestar 1 EV Costs More Than A Mercedes-AMG S 63 Coupe

New technology is always expensive, but the Polestar 1's numbers are eye-widening when compared to conventionally-powered high-end cars...

The More Dynamic New Lexus ES Wants A Fight With The 5 Series

Lexus has introduced the ES badge to Europe with this all-new model, raising its dynamic game with a new chassis and drivetrain

Ferrari Won't Launch An EV Before 2023, But More Hybrids Are Coming

While more hybrids are imminent, Ferrari has no interest in releasing an electric supercar for at least five years

BMW's 270bhp, 249-Mile E-SUV Concept Looks Weirdly Familiar

BMW has launched its impressive new Concept iX3 in Beijing, complete with a new style of nose that we're positive we've seen somewhere before...

Self-Driven Rear Wheels Have Created The First AWD Civic Type R

A clever new design of wheel has been bolted to a Civic Type R test mule, boosting traction and handling with an extra 140bhp and torque vectoring