This Subaru WRX-Powered Ferrari Dino Is Alternative Engine Swap Gold

Although it might be sacrilege to purists, this Dino has been fitted with the charismatic flat-four from a Subaru WRX – and we love it

Turo User Attracts Chicago's Wrath After Street-Parking 38 Cars

A man making money on the Turo peer-to-peer car rental platform is fighting officials after he parked nearly 40 cars in front of neighbours’ houses

The Toyota Avalon TRD Has Big Brakes And An Even Bigger Grille

Toyota has revealed the specs for the bizarre Avalon TRD, and there are some unexpected dynamic upgrades to tell you about…

Buying A Trouble-Free $25k Aston Martin DB7 Is Too Good To Be True

It may have the door handles from a Mazda Miata and it may have the engine from a Jaguar XJR, but the cheapest manual Aston Martin in the US actually seems pretty good...

Watch James May Unbox A Cardboard-Encased Toyota Yaris GRMN

James May has got hold of a Toyota Yaris GRMN, but it seems to still be in a cardboard box. Why not kick back and unbox it with him?

Tesla Cars Will Soon Be Able To Charge On Non-Tesla Chargers

European Teslas will be able to charge using generic standardised charging stations, it has been revealed, with adapters for Models S and X

VW Is Returning To Its Beetle Roots With An Affordable ‘People’s EV’

The German brand is said to want to build an affordable electric car that could replicate the commercial success of the original Beetle

The Audi R8 Will Bow Out With A V10, No V6 Or Other Engines Inbound

The R8's project manager has confirmed that the updated version of the R8 will only ever have a V10 engine

Check Out This Insanely Complex 3D-Printed Titanium Wheel

The world's first 3D-printed titanium alloy wheels are here, and in a phenomenally complex design that we can't stop staring at

Formula E And Fallout Is The Bizarre Crossover You Weren’t Expecting

What are the obvious commercial tie-ins for Formula E, do you think? We’re pretty sure that before you read this headline you wouldn’t have called this one…

Now You Can Build A Desert Racing Spec Chevrolet Colorado ZR2

After two years of hardcore strength-testing in desert racing competition, Chevrolet and Hall Racing have jointly released a suite of mighty upgrades for the ZR2

The Hyundai Veloster N Is A Sub-$30k Hot Hatch Bargain

Weighing in at around $12,000 less than a Ford Focus RS, the 275bhp Veloster N is a bargain even with the Performance Package

Toyota Has Added TRD Spice To The Camry And Avalon

Check out these warmed-up saloons from Toyota, displaying an impressively level of aesthetic commitment through body kits, etched exhausts and new interior design

Toyota Is Replacing A Wildfire Hero's Fire-Damaged Truck For Free

Toyota USA has volunteered to replace a nurse's Tundra truck after it was partially melted while shipping numerous people out of the path of California's deadly wildfires