Nissan's Tiny Car Wash Is The Accessory We Wish Matchbox Offered

Although it looks like a bizarre toy for cleaning model cars, Nissan's miniature car wash actually serves a purpose, testing paint samples for durability

McLaren Raises £2 Million In Surprise Charity Auction For Final Senna

A McLaren customer has just bought the final Senna hypercar for £2 million at a private company event, with no prior warning that an auction would be happening at all

It Looks Like Faraday Future Will Soon Be A Thing Of The Past

It said it would be a Tesla rival by next year. We laughed. We're gutted for the people who invested so much time and effort into the project, but it looks like it might all be over for Faraday Future

This Pre-Production Aston Martin DB4 Is A Classic British Unicorn

Not only is it utterly mint thanks to a £222,000 restoration, but this very special DB4 also has plenty of competitive action under its belt. We like

The UK Won't Be Among The First To Get The 592bhp Polestar 1 EV

Polestar has announced the six markets in which it will first launch the Polestar 1 electric grand tourer, and the UK isn't among them

This Four-Cylinder BMW Sounds So Much Better With A Trick Exhaust

A new two-mode exhaust from Armytrix turns this dull-sounding BMW 530i into something much throatier and emotive

The Porsche Museum Just Finished Restoring Its Oldest 911, And We're In Love

Porsche has released a series of images showcasing the restoration of a gorgeous 1964 '901', now the oldest 911 in the official Porsche Museum

The Grand Tour S2 Ep2 Will Feature A Car Vs Public Transport Race

Among other things, the second episode of TGT's second series will feature a plane vs car race featuring the Ford GT, and a wounded Hammond...

Lister Is Cooking Up Some Kind Of Mutant F-Type

The British sports car brand will be launching its first contemporary vehicle since the bonkers Storm

Here's Your First Look At The New Mercedes G-Class' Swanky Cabin

Mercedes has revealed a smarter, roomier cabin for the long-awaited, all-new G-Class ahead of a Detroit show debut