Can We Please Swap A Top Gear Presenter With The New American Version?

We know not everyone likes the latest Top Gear UK lineup, but with the new Top Gear America presenters now confirmed as well, I'd like to ask about an exchange...

This Is What Makes The Ticking Sound Of Your Indicators

Ever wondered what's actually making that ticking sound when you put your indicators on? Watch this guy take apart two different types of indicator and you'll find out...

Modified-Car Review Competition

Sky Insurance are giving away £500 cash to the user who sends us the best review of their modified-car. You might also get to meet Car Throttle's, Alex Kersten, too...

This Porsche Cayman GT4 Sounds Ridiculously Good With Aftermarket Pipework

Thanks to a stainless steel exhaust system from a firm called Fabspeed, this Cayman GT4 belts out a superb noise

Meanwhile, In Russia, People Have Just Invented Car Curling

With an ice rink, some old, stripped-out small cars and lots of cold-weather clothing, Russia has just invented the funnest winter sport in history

Watch A Car Get 'Caught' By A Jet In This Awesome GTA V Stunt

Jumping off ramps in GTA V never gets old, but YouTube channel Evolve Stunting took things to a ridiculously epic level by catching a car mid-jump with a jet and carrying it to the top of a skyscraper

Zenos Cars Isn't Dead Yet, Because AC Cars Has Stepped In

News has emerged that a consortium led by AC Cars, makers of the Cobra, have bought Zenos Cars with a view to streamlining production

Shelby GT350 Mustang Owners Sue Ford Over Track-Day Overheating

Ford enthusiasts in America have reported numerous cases of track-day overheating, and now a law firm is taking their complaints straight to Ford

You Can Now Race The Iconic Mazda 787B in Assetto Corsa

Assetto Corsa has added some exciting new cars to the game in the shape of a recent PC update, such as the stunning Mazda 787B that raced to victory at Le Mans

A Used Jaguar F-Type Coupe Is The Prettiest Car You Can Buy For Under £40k

The wonders of depreciation mean it's now possible to snag Jaguar's gorgeous F-Type for under £40k

It Looks Like The Old Top Gear USA Trio Will Be Making Their Own Car Show

With Top Gear America using an all-new presenter line-up, it seems the former TG USA trio are cooking up a show of their own

Watch A Driver Narrowly Avoid A Head-On Crash With A Stray Trailer

Scary dashcam footage shows the moment a lorry in Western Australia lost its trailer, which quickly veered onto the other side of the road...