Crashing A Drag Racer After A Parachute Brake Failure Looks Terrifying

When your car crosses the line at over 250mph, you could do with your parachute brakes working. If they don’t, you’d better be awake…

Mitsubishi And AMG Once Hooked Up And Made A V6 JDM Saloon

Long before AMG was bought by and integrated into Mercedes, the German tuners collaborated on a Mitsubishi JDM saloon called the Debonair

The Bloodhound 1000mph Speed Record Project Is In Administration

A project founded over a decade ago to attempt to hit 1000mph on land has called-in administrators after running short of funds

This Nasty Nurburgring Spin Demonstrates The Toyota MR2's Dark Side

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Kahn Design’s New Custom Jeep Is Unexpectedly Sane, And We Like It

Built in collaboration with the Chelsea Truck Company, the new Kahn-customised Wrangler is far from crazy, and it’s all the better for it

This Is The 1000bhp McLaren Speedtail’s Speedy Tail

Ahead of the full reveal later this month, McLaren’s new speed-focused Speedtail has debuted its ridiculously aerodynamic-looking rear end

Ditching Internal Combustion Is Jaguar's Best Hope For Long-Term Survival

Jaguar is sitting at the windy end of a perfect storm of problems, and a rapid switch to a range purely made of EVs could be the only way to secure the brand’s long-term future

There Probably Won't Be Any New Forza Games Next Year

Developer Turn 10 has suggested that the series will take a year off to focus on improving Forza Motorsport 7

This Hill Climb-Spec Mazda MX-5's 9000rpm Redline Is A Treat For The Ears

There's a simple joy to be had in watching and listening to this plucky Miata tear up a Swiss hill climb

Forza Horizon 4 Is The Fastest-Selling Installment In The Series

In terms of physical sales in the United Kingdom, Forza Horizon 4 has become the fastest-selling game in the series

How Much Does A Season Of Entry-Level Racing Actually Cost?

With my Caterham Academy season now over, it's time to ask a frequently asked question - how much does a season set you back?

Surprise: You Can Still Buy A Honda S2000 Cheaply

The S2000 may not be everyone’s cup of Darjeeling, but while values of hot Hondas have largely gone crazy, we’ve found an S2000 for less than £4500…

Watch Three Generations Of Audi RS4 Plus An RS2 Do Battle

An RS2 faces off against B5, B7 and B9-generation RS4s in a multi-generation Audi drag race

There's A New Car Show Coming To Mainstream TV And It Looks Promising

'Proving Grounds' is a new circuit-based car show filled with interesting metal and plenty of drifting