39 Pictures That Capture The Madness Of Worthersee GTI Treffen

Fresh from a crazy experience at Austria's massive Worthersee GTI meet, we're summing up the show in the best way we know - a big image dump

Micro Machines World Series Looks Like The Chaotic Racing Game We All Need

The iconic Micro Machines gaming franchise returns to consoles next month with Micro Machines World Series - a dramatic and hectic new trailer is getting us seriously hyped for its release

BMW Has Already Confirmed The M8, And A GTE Racing Version

Just days after revealing the new 8-series concept, BMW has unveiled a prototype version of the M8 at the Nurburgring 24 Hours

3 Classic Indy 500 Cars Join Modern IndyCar Machinery In Project Cars 2

Racing gamers will get the chance to drive some of the most famous cars in the Indianapolis 500’s history in Project Cars 2, alongside modern-day IndyCar machinery

This Locust Caterham Copy Looks Like Bargain Summer Fun

Used Caterham prices are glued at silly levels, making the many near-identical kit-car copies look like stellar value for money. We've scoured the classifieds and found the only Locust Seven for sale in the UK

Chris Harris Pits The BMW M2 Against The Legendary 1M

In another episode of Chris Harris drives, the man tries to find out whether or not the M2 is a 'proper' M car, by comparing it to his own 1M

The 'Ring Record Has Fallen To The Mighty 1000bhp McLaren P1 LM

An astonishing programme to subtract weight and add performance has resulted in a truly astonishing pinnacle P1, and we're beginning to lose count of how many times the Nurburgring record has been broken this year...

This Could Be Britain's Luckiest Citroen Saxo Driver

'Lucky' isn't something we normally call most Saxo drivers, but after getting a corner all kinds of wrong, this one ends up wildly launching the car onto two wheels before pure luck saves them from turning upside down

Pickup Owners Launch Class Action Emissions Lawsuit Against General Motors

In the wake of dieselgate, all manufacturers are coming under increased scrutiny. One group of General Motors truck owners believes GM has been cheating, though, and wants to fight it in court

The US Wants To Massively Reduce German Car Imports

In a move the President says will increase the fortunes of American car makers, he has told EU leaders of his desire to curb German car imports with heavy taxes

The Isle Of Man Now Has A BAC Mono Police Car

In the latest chapter of the BAC-IOM love story, the island's roads policing unit has just taken delivery of a Police-spec Mono, and it really is going to be used...

Here's A Better Look At BMW's New 8 Series

Although this is still officially just a concept design, it looks like BMW has released images early to gauge public opinion before committing