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Uber Has Effectively Been Banned From London

A shock judgement handed out by Transport for London has removed Uber's right to operate a private hire business in the English capital, with a suggested 3.5 million users affected

This Driver Miraculously Survives His Car Being Crushed Flat By An Overloaded Cement Mixer

How the hell this driver got out of his car alive when it had just been squashed like an insect by a cement mixer that weighed well over 25 tonnes is a question we can't answer

Brace For The Shocking Reality Of This Windscreen-Obscuring Racing Stripe

Look at it. Then rub your eyes and look again. Look away, pinch yourself to check you're not dreaming and then try one more time. Nope, nothing works: this really is as shocking as it looks

Watch A Pro Drifter Draw The World's Biggest Toyota 86 Logo... Using Tyres

We take our hat off to Toyota GB for this cheeky little video of a drift champ drawing an '86' logo that can be seen from space... well, almost

Leaning Out Of A Car To Punch An SUV Invites Instant Karma

We're not sure how low this guy's IQ must be for him to have ever thought that leaning out of his car window to try to punch another vehicle was a good idea, but karma quickly kicks in

BMW Has Ruled Out Four-Cylinder M-Cars… For Now

The chief of BMW’s M Division has no time for four-cylinder M-cars, despite rivals Mercedes-AMG and Porsche getting busy with high-output four-pots

Infiniti Is Brewing An Electric Halo Performance Car

Infiniti is cooking-up the good stuff when it comes to electric cars, and this standalone halo sports car could be here in 2019

Porsche Might Have Just Smashed Lamborghini's Nurburgring Lap Record

Spectators at a Porsche lap-timing evening at the Nurburgring are reporting that the insanely quick 911 GT2 RS lapped the circuit in under seven minutes... on the first attempt

The All-New Volvo XC40 Is An XC90 That Has Shrunk In The Wash

Packed with technology and with a host of Volvo firsts to speak of, the XC40 has picked up the baton from its big brother, the super-refined XC90

The Ultimate Vision Gran Turismo Is McLaren's Flagship Hypercar For Gamers

The Vision Gran Turismo concepts just keep on coming, and this time it's McLaren's turn to get creative with an 1150 horsepower carbonfibre beast