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Watch The Moment A Snow Plough Was Pushed Off The Road And Down A 300-Foot Drop

A truck driver is seen clipping a snow plough in Utah while trying to pass, sending the latter off the road and down a sizeable drop

Watch An Engine Combustion Cycle Through A Glass Head

Thanks to a special glass cylinder head on a lawn mower engine and an ultra slow-motion camera, this video lets you see the combustion cycle in whole new way

This Is What Aston Martin's New V12 Looks Like Before It's Put Together

Aston Martin has released an image showing every single part that makes up its 5.2-litre twin-turbo engine

How Electric Hybrid And EV Power Figures Could Get Confusing

Manufacturers have started combining power outputs from batteries and IC engines in their vehicle stats, but things could quickly become confusing

The 2018 Ford Mustang Facelift Has Been Leaked And Not Everyone's Impressed

A b-roll video featuring the facelifted Mustang has surfaced online, but judging by the initial reaction, not everyone likes the changes

Electric GT’s Tesla Model S Is A 778bhp Racing Beast

Electric GT will burst onto the motorsport scene in 2017 with its first season. We’ve learned more information on its Tesla Model S race car and the figures are pretty striking

The Jaguar F-Type 400 Sport Shooting Brake Needs To Be A Thing

Days after being revealed, the new F-Type 400 Sport has been rendered into a shooting brake

This Cars Rip-Off Will Make You Question Everything

'Spid The Racing Car' is quite clearly a rip-off of Pixar's Cars franchise, and it's made by someone with questionable knowledge about motors...

Trump Told American Cars Need To Be Better If Germans Are Actually Going To Buy Them

In response to criticism that Germans don't buy enough American cars, German deputy chancellor Sigmar Gabriel had a rather effective answer...

Watch The Moment A Lamborghini Huracan GT3 Car Burst Into Flames

Andrea Amici's Dubai 24 Hours race lasted just two hours, with his Huracan erupting into flames following a tyre failure

You Could Have Bought Richard Hammond's Old Porsche 924 For £7k

The 924 used and distastefully modified by Hammond in an old Top Gear episode was auctioned off at the weekend for a relatively low price

Here's The Bugatti Vs Rimac Drag Race We've All Been Waiting For

Find out how a Bugatti Veyron fares against a Rimac Concept One in a straight-line drag race

The 10 Best Comments On CT Last Week

From stacks of car news to the latest Cars 3 trailer, last week had a load of talking points!