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5 Awesome Cars Powered By The Legendary Nissan RB Engine

The Nissan RB proved itself on both roads and race tracks around the world and is still a popular engine for swapping to this day. To celebrate these capable powertrains, let's take a look at the bonnets they managed to sneak under

McLaren Is The New F1-Based Biopic That Will Fill The Senna-Shaped Hole In Your Heart

Bruce McLaren's incredible drive to succeed both as a driver and a constructor have been put into film, with first-hand contributions from many of the well-known drivers and engineers he worked with

Yet Another Startup Wants To Take Tesla's Crown With A Super-Fast Electric Car

It's a measure of Tesla's achievement with the Model S P100D that several startups are now using the car's astonishing 2.39-second 0-62mph time as a marketing benchmark

This Cyclist Exacted Her Revenge On A Sexist Van Douchebag

After being at the receiving end of catcalling and harassment in central London, this cyclist struck back

Styling House Italdesign Is About To Launch An R8-Based Supercar For 10 Times The Price

When a million pounds could have bought you a McLaren P1 with six figures of spare change for fuel and tyres, why on earth would you pay £1.3 million for a re-bodied Audi R8?

Ferrari Is Preparing A Special 70th Anniversary LaFerrari

It's tough to accuse the LaFerrari of not being special enough, but Ferrari is building a hyper-exclusive version anyway to celebrate 70 years since Enzo founded the company

This Is The Range Rover Velar: The Evoque's Big Brother

Ahead of its full debut on 1 March, Land Rover has teased its new SUV, which will slot in between the Range Rover Evoque and Sport

6 Reasons You Need A Nissan 350Z In Your Life

The 350Z often struggled to convince the buying public in the face of the high-revving Honda S2000 and the balanced, sharp-handling Porsche Boxster, but it was a great car and makes a fantastic used buy

Toyota Confirms Supercharged 205bhp Yaris For Geneva Motor Show

A supercharger is just about the last thing we expected to see making a comeback in the junior hot hatchback class, but that's exactly what Toyota is about to deliver

Sharpen Your BMW Stereotypes As You Watch This Z4 Driver Cause A Huge Multi-Car Accident

After joining a slow-moving motorway queue from another, faster lane going in a different direction, this Z4 driver changes his mind, moves out into flowing traffic and causes a dramatic crash

Elderly 'Yellow Corsa Man' Has Caved In And Bought A Grey Replacement After His Vandalised Car Was Written Off

The octogenarian whose yellow Vauxhall Corsa was vandalised with the word MOVE was too afraid to buy another brightly-coloured car for fear of reprisals

Red Bull Paint Job But No More Power For Aston Martin V8 And V12 Vantage S Special Editions

The AM-RB 001 hypercar might not be ready for another year or two, but the partnership between Aston Martin and Red Bull Racing is already bearing fruit - at least from the design and personalisation departments...

The Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 Has Come Agonisingly Close To 200mph

Despite hitting 202mph in official speed tests in Germany, the ZL1's wind-corrected and averaged top speed falls just short of the magic number