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Turns Out Ultra-Fast Windscreen Wipers Aren't The Solution For Autumn Downpours

The guys at Garage 54 made their own ultra-fast windscreen wipers with ridiculous consequences

Lamborghini Won’t Give Up On Petrol Engines Without A Fight Despite Inbound EV

Lamborghini’s first production electric vehicle is on its way in 2028, but the raging bull has plans for its ICE engines well into the future.

We Want The R36 Nissan GT-R To Happen And For It To Look Like This

An artist has created a render for an R36 Nissan GT-R which draws inspiration from the Skyline’s history

Forgotten 29yo VW Golf ‘Rallye’ Homologation Prototype Upstages Brand’s Newer SEMA Exhibits

The Mk3 Volkswagen Golf ‘Rallye’ is a homologation special that never reached production, but we’re left wondering what could have been

New Upgrade Can Make Your Ford Mustang Mach E Sound Like A V8 Camaro

Aftermarket exhaust manufacturer Borla showcased its EV V8 sound upgrade for the Mustang Mach E at SEMA 2022

A Ferruccio Lamborghini Biopic Is On The Way Starring Frank Grillo

The trailer for the upcoming biopic Lamborghini: The Man Behind The Legend has been released, featuring plenty of legendary Lamborghini cameos

Dodge Delays Last Call Finale Over Exploding Engines

The final special edition of Dodge’s Last Call celebration of the Charger and Challenger has been postponed because its engines keep ‘blowing up’

NASCAR Racer Proves Video Game ‘Wall-Riding’ Works In The Real World

Ross Chastain pulls a bizarre video-game-like move in the final lap of a NASCAR Cup Series race on Sunday and wall-rides into the Championship 4

Barbie x Maserati Is The Automotive Collab You Weren't Expecting

The Barbie x Maserati Grecale Trofeo is a very pink SUV with a charitable aim

Manhart Thinks The BMW M2 Is Ugly, Says 552bhp MH2 560 Makeover Will Sort It

Tuner Manhart has wasted no time in coming up with a lairy makeover for the latest M2

Ford Shares Emotional Tribute To Soon-Dead Ford Fiesta – We’re Not Crying, Promise

Ford shares an emotional video after confirming the death of the UK’s best selling car ever, the Ford Fiesta, by June 2023.

Ken Block’s Audi S1 Hoonitron Tears Up Vegas Strip In ​​Electrikhana Video

Ken Block’s latest video has been released, showing him drifting around the Las Vegas Strip in Audi’s epic EV S1 Hoonitron

VW Ditching Hateful Touch-Sensitive Steering Wheel Controls, Admits Customers Prefer Buttons

Head of Volkswagen essentially admits that touch controls aren’t as good, and says the manufacturer will bring back physical buttons to their steering wheels

GMC’s Recall Fix For The Terrain Is Just A Piece Of Tape

Owners have been left frustrated after the recall fix for the GMC Terrain’s overly bright headlights turned out to be a piece of tape

36 Drivers All Get Flat Tyres Simultaneously On California Highway

Dozens of drivers all had a frustrating morning commute when they got flat tyres at the same time