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Forza 7 Just Added A Wildly Varied Bunch Of Cars, And Some Are Free

The Totino's Car Pack brings seven new cars to Forza, but those aren't the only new vehicles coming to the game

Here's A Drag Race Featuring All Generations Of Civic Type R

This group test brings together every kind of Honda Civic Type R ever sold in the UK for drag races, a brake test and a track showdown

Watch A Crazed 2CV Driver Give A Lean-Tastic Lesson In Commitment

While being chased by a VW Up GTI at the car's recent launch in France, one 2CV driver clearly did not want to yield to new baby hot hatch...

VW Hits Back At GTI Track Durability Criticism From Hyundai's N Boss

VW Australia's MD has defended the Golf GTI following disparaging comments from Hyundai's N boss regarding the car's apparent lack of track prowess

Leaked Specs Reveal 488 'GTO' To Be Race-Engined, CF-Festooned Monster

A substantial leak of information has revealed myriad stats for the Ferrari 488 GTO

Canadian Police Thought This Snow Sculpture Was A Real Supra

A machinist in Montreal briefly fooled police with a Mk3 Supra-like snow model

Here's The New Hyundai Veloster Rendered In Convertible And 'Poverty Spec' Forms

Just days on from the reveal of the new - but still quirky - Veloster, the renders are already starting to arrive

Citroen Is Returning To The Oddball Big Saloon Game

We love the old Citroen C6, and even the C5 was brilliant in its own way, and after a long break Citroen is getting back in the game

BMW North America Is Charging Subscription Fees For Apple CarPlay

You know Apple CarPlay? The iOS-compatible smartphone interface that's included on loads of cars for free? BMW has decided it wants you to pay an annual fee for it

The Volkswagen Up GTI Will Cost A Surprisingly Affordable £13,750

Prices have been announced for the intriguing Up GTI, and it's very good news for hot hatch fans looking for a fun car on a budget

Your Car's First MOT Test Won't Be Delayed By A Year After All

The British MOT test, which is a formal safety test for cars that reach three years old, won't be delayed by a year after safety concerns were raised

These Amazing Aston Martin Adventures Are Hilariously Expensive

While most of them look like incredible once-in-a-lifetime experiences, the prices for some of Aston Martin's latest driving adventures are a little on the steep side...