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The MG Cyberster Concept Wants To Eat You Alive

With a gaping maw, a ground-hugging aesthetic and a retro sci-fi vibe, the MG Cyberster is a world away from the brand’s value-focused biffabouts

A Toyota Tacoma With An E30 3-Series Face Is A Weirdly Beautiful Match

It’s not a render - this exists, and it actually doesn’t look too bad…

Say Hello To 'My' New BMW M340d Touring (AKA The Best New Car On Sale)

In a departure from unreliable shitboxes, I'm spending four months with an M340d Touring. Here's a look at the car...

The Toyota GR Yaris Has Lapped The 'Ring As Quickly As An FK2 Honda Civic Type R

We know the GR Yaris is rapid, but a new Sport Auto video shows it can hang with the hottest hatches

New CyberLandr Turns Tesla Cybertruck Into Bonkers Campervan

The $50,000 camper unit is stowed in the truck’s bed and is said to allow several weeks spent off-grid

A Porsche 911 GT3 Test Mule Covered 3100 Miles At A Constant 186mph

To prove the reliability and strength of the new GT3’s engine, Porsche put it on the circular Nardo test track and racked up 5000km at a constant 186mph, with stops only for fuel

The JRM GT23 Is A Road-Legal Nissan GT-R Racing Car For £380k

British race car builders JRM have created a 650hp road-going track weapon that shares almost nothing with a standard GT-R

BMW’s Massive Grille Looks Even More Challenging On An E60 5 Series

The new BMW M4’s front bumper has been transplanted onto a 5 Series with an awkward and inevitable result

The Mercedes-AMG CLS 53 Has A New Look And Drift Mode

Mercedes has facelifted its attractive 'coupe' saloon, and given it Race and Drift Modes for good measure

BRZ STI Tweaks Give The Latest Subaru Coupe A (Non-Turbo) Boost

STI has waved its magic wand over the new Subaru BRZ, but it's only styling and a strut brace - for now

This Ferrari 512 BB Koenig Special Is Pure, Glorious 1980s Excess

Aside from being thoroughly spectacular to look at, this right-hand drive tuning house special is a super-rare way to get your wildly excessive ‘80s kicks

The New Toyota GR86 Is Here With A 232bhp 2.4 Boxer Engine

Toyota’s version of the Subaru BRZ has arrived with a bigger engine than before, and it should be on sale before the end of 2021

Why A Honda Insight Was One Of The Best Cars I've Owned

It might not be the most obvious choice for a petrolhead, but I loved running Honda's quirky hybrid

This Is The Best Lexus LFA Noise Cut We've Ever Heard

Lexus' unusual V10-powered monster appears in this brilliant sound check video from The Supercar Driver

Now You Can Buy A Mercedes-AMG GT S For Less Than A Cayman GTS

Our old friend depreciation is helping out again, with a very tidy AMG GT S spotted for less cash than a new Cayman GTS, and complete with thunderous 4.0-litre V8