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The Grand Tour’s Emotional Latest Ep Reminds Us What We’ll Soon Be Missing

TGT’s latest episode proves the trio and the team behind them still have the ability to put something truly special together

We Really Need This Epic 570bhp Snow Plough Before The Apocalypse

If the civilised world ends and every day becomes a re-run of at least one Mad Max film, we might have found a handy machine to have on your driveway

You Can Now Buy A Chevy Tahoe Or Suburban With 1000bhp

Chevrolet’s up-to-nine-seater SUVs are big things and need strong engines to hustle them along… but we think four figures might be overkill

This Is The Last Six-Cylinder, Rear-Wheel Drive BMW 1-Series

As the fun police continue their march across the automotive globe, the last six-shooter in BMW’s compact hatchback has reached the end of the line

This Mopar-Modified Ram 2500 Makes Us Crave A Slice Of America

With a whole load of official Mopar accessories installed, this show truck is a heavy-duty big-hitter with a Hemi V8

You Can Spend £595 On A Bag With Mercedes-AMG GT R Tyre Marks

Is the dream of owning an AMG GT R still a little too far away? Bring it closer (sort of) with a wildly expensive canvas bag that's intentionally stained with genuine GT R tyre marks

Now I Know Why I Can't Like The Mustang: I'm A Camaro Guy

After my first drive in a Chevrolet Camaro SS, I find myself wishing it was the Pony Car we can buy in the UK, rather than the Mustang...

The Hybrid Car Is Already Dying And Here's Why It Makes Us Happy

A couple of recent developments are pointing to the idea that car makers are planning to skip hybrid cars wherever possible, and here’s why that’s a good thing for us

Forza Motorsport 7's February Update Includes Two Free Ferraris

Along with two free cars, FM7's latest update includes various fixes and improvements

Driver's Face Used For Nascar Team's Freaky Livery

The Go Fas Racing team has plastered the face of driver Cory LaJoie on its car and it's equal parts hilarious and terrifying

ABT Sportsline's Audi A6 TDI Is A 494lb ft Diesel Wagon

German firm ABT has tickled the 3.0-litre V6 diesel engine in the A6 Avant, giving decent power and torque increases

The New Vauxhall Corsa Is Coming With Its Electric Powertrain And Fancy Lights

The Opel/Vauxhall 'Corsa F' has been teased, and it's going to be available with a full EV powertrain

The Mazda MX-5 30th Anniversary Is Very Orange, Very Awesome

Mazda has revealed a special anniversary version of the ND MX-5, which has uprated brakes and a unique finish

You Can Have Your Ram Pickup With An Asymmetrical Split Tailgate

FCA will be introducing an unusual 'multifunction tailgate' as an option on the Ram 1500