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This Prodrive-Tuned WRX STI Has Just Cracked A Sub-7-Minute Nurburgring Lap

Tuned to give over 600bhp and rev to 8500rpm, the time-attack 2.0-litre WRX STI that has already set a course best at the Isle of Man TT is breaking records again, this time on the Nurburgring

This Is The New Suzuki Swift Sport And We Have To Admit We're A Little Disappointed

Although the predicted stats of the third-generation car are still looking very strong, we were hoping for a bit more visual drama from the flagship Swift

Bear Locks Itself Inside Car, Wreaks Utter Devastation

We're trying really hard not to laugh at the mental image of a huge bear going bananas inside a Honda Element, but we're also failing. This is what you get when you don't lock your car in bear country

Sneaky Dodge Dealers Are Still Profiteering Off Demon Sales Despite The Company's Warnings

We know that in a capitalist society everything has a value dictated by supply and demand, but sometimes, like with Dodge dealers' cunning new way to make more money out of Demon buyers, it leaves a bad taste

The 10 Best Comments On CT Last Week

From a Minnie Mouse horror show to a weaponised GTA pickup, we've had inspiration for some great comments this week

Feast Your Eyes On The BMW 7 Series 40 Jahre Limited Edition

Following in the wheel tracks of M3 and M5 special editions, the 7 Series Edition 40 Jahre adds a couple of unique new colours, plus a rather striking interior

The Infiniti Q50 Red Sport 400 Is The Bargain M3-Baiter North America Will Love

There are a number of good reasons why you'd buy a BMW M3, but there are 13,000 more that say the Q50 Red Sport 400 might be a better bet

The New Jaguar XJR575 Is 567bhp Of Weaponised Comfort

At a glance it could be just another no-doubt diesel-fulled Jaguar XJ going about its business, but the XJR575 is a true cruise missile that has to be limited to a 186mph top speed

Was One Of Carroll Shelby's Most Famous Statements A Lie?

The idea that the Shelby Cobra 427 was so fast that the man himself was willing to bet a $100 bill on it sure as hell sold the right image, but just how much truth is there in the myth?

Take A Closer Look At The Bugatti Chiron With Chris Harris

Following on from the Top Gear review of the car, the Chiron gets the geekier, more in-depth Chris Harris Drives treatment

12 Classic F1 Cars That Will Appear In The F1 2017 Game

All 12 of the classic cars available to race in the next instalment of Codemasters' Formula 1 series have now been revealed

Here's Why We Need To Be Ready To Fight Road Pricing

Roads pricing, like the idea we reported on earlier this week, wouldn't end well for the car enthusiast. Here's just a few of the reasons why we have no faith in the idea at all - and why you shouldn't either