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Here's A Cute But Terrifying V6 Toyota MR2 With 680bhp

With a 3.5-litre turbocharged V6 mounted in the middle, this third-gen MR2 is a beastly little hill climb car

A Hotter Toyota 'Supra GRMN' Is In The Works

Judging by comments Supra chief engineer Tetsuya Tada, a more potent version of the revived sports car is incoming

Domino's Fixing The Roads Is So Ridiculous That It Just Might Work

Tired of local politicians not listening to the people's complaints about the crumbling road surface? Maybe the farcical intervention from pizza giant Domino's might shake a few departments into action

GT1-Style Hypercars Are Coming To Le Mans In 2020

The top class of the World Endurance Championship has fleshed-out some new regulations which will see the return of prototypes bearing a close resemblance to modern hypercars

7 Things We Know About Forza Horizon 4 So Far

Following the E3 announcement of Horizon 4’s British location, we’ve been drip-fed information – here are all the tidbits we’ve picked up…

Watch As This Crash-Damaged X5 Is Turned Into An Open-Top Badass

This accident-damaged X5 has been given a new lease of life as an off-road monster

7 Flat-Six-Powered Vehicles That Aren’t Porsches

Everyone loves a flat-six, right? The noise, the character and the relative exclusivity factors are all reasons to love them… but while Porsche is the layout’s main advocate, what if you don’t want a Porsche?

Here’s What It’s Like To Crash A Bugatti Veyron At 245mph

Very, very few people have even driven a car at 245mph, let alone crashed one and lived to tell the tale – which is exactly why this bum-clenching story from one of the prototype Veyron’s test drivers is so amazing

A Car Wash Falling Onto Your Ride Must Really Spoil Your Day

Whenever you're using an automated car wash you really need to follow the simple instructions. If you don't, then something nightmarish could happen

Fifth Gear Is Back To Take On The Ailing Car Show Giants

With Top Gear and The Grand Tour both seemingly in weaker positions than they were a couple of years ago, producers have taken a punt on bringing Fifth Gear back for another series

There's Now A Nurburgring Lap Record For Seven-Seaters

Since the Kodiaq vRS doesn't have enough power to challenge the outright SUV record, Skoda had to think creatively...

You've Probably Been Pronouncing Porsche's New 'Taycan' Name Wrong

The production version of Porsche's Mission E will be called 'Taycan', but it's not pronounced how you might expect...