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The XKR Is The Affordable Supercharged Jaguar Convertible That Isn't Too Good To Be True

We love the sound of a supercharged Jaguar V8, and as we discovered in the classifieds, you don't have to spend six figures - or even five - to get a good one

Can A Diesel Volvo V90 Beat An 850 T5 In A Straight Line?

Volvo's performance estate of the 1990s goes up against a V90 D5 in this old vs new drag race

The Tesla Semi Is Here With A 500 Mile Range And A 5sec 0-60mph Time

Tesla has revealed its very first lorry, promising a 500 mile range and fast charging times

Here's A Reminder That Lapping A Snowy Nurburgring Is A Risky Move

An F80 BMW M3 driver is seen having a slow yet still painful accident on the Nordschleife during a snow storm

Stars Will Feature On The Grand Tour As Celebrity Brain Crash Is Axed

Let's be honest, not many of us liked Celebrity Brain Crash after the first episode or two of The Grand Tour series one. We're pleased to say that the idea is no more

The Dallara Stradale Is The Pricey, Limited-Production Track Day Nemesis Of The Lotus 3-Eleven

Dallara's first road-legal car is built with all the engineering firm's expertise in carbonfibre and racing chassis, but although it sounds fast as hell, it's not cheap... or practical

This Could Be The Greatest Land Cruiser We've Ever Seen

Toyota's FJ-series Land Cruiser is a fast-growing icon of classic off-roading, and the FJ Company of Japan has delivered something stunning

The Aston Martin Valkyrie AMR Pro Is The Track-Only Beast That Can Match F1 Lap Times

Despite its maximum cornering speeds falling well short of F1 standards, the super-light, insanely powerful Valkyrie AMR Pro will be able to lap tracks just as fast as Max Verstappen's Red Bull

Modern Supercars Are Too Fast For The Nurburgring, Says Walter Rohrl

Lately we've seen some truly weapons-grade lap times from production cars around the Nurburgring, and the German king of speed says safety concerns are now more real than ever

Behold A Nissan Micra That Looks Like A Dog, Sort Of

Someone, somewhere is responsible for making this 2011 Nissan Micra look like a dog, and we want to thank them for giving us a few giggles

Lamborghini Has Given The Pope A Huracan

All 80-year-old men secretly want a Lamborghini for Christmas (probably), and that's what Pope Francis has actually got. Instead of driving it, he has blessed it before it goes to charity auction next year