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This Miniscule, Functioning Wooden V8 Is A Thing Of Engineering Beauty

A woodworking YouTube has posted a video featuring the construction of a tiny model V8

One-Owner Toyota AE86 Auctioned For Record £46,250

This 1987 Corolla GT sold for a sky-high, record-breaking price, despite being relatively well used

Want Full Rear Steering Angle In A Mercedes EQS? That's A €489 Per Year Subscription

In Germany, EQS buyers can pay a yearly fee for the full 10-degree rear-steering experience, otherwise, the angle is limited to 4.5

The Renault 5 'Turbo 3' Is An 80s Mid-Engine Hero Reborn For The 21st Century

Legende Automobile has created a thoroughly reimagined version of the Renault 5 Turbo, and we're in awe

SsangYong's Future SUV Looks Like A Swole Suzuki Jimny

SsangYong has released design sketches of a next-generation SUV codenamed 'X200'

Driving A Hummer H2 Is An Awful And Brilliant Experience All At The Same Time

The H2 is an objectively awful car to drive, but you can't help but smile when behind the wheel of this ridiculous thing

Here's Your Chance To Buy Some Of Richard Hammond's Cars And Bikes

The TV presenter and The Grand Tour host is having a chunk of his car/bike collection auctioned to help fund his burgeoning restoration business

BMW G80 M3 Vs M340d: The Precision Tool Vs The All-Rounder

With both of these cars ending up together on one of our video shoots, we couldn't resist comparing them

Fortnite Adds Ferrari 296 GTB For Players To Find

Newest Ferrari becomes Fortnite’s first licensed car, which can be used to complete challenges

SSC Confirms Tuatara Never Got Over 300mph

In an Instagram post, SSC said it was ‘truly heartbroken’ not to break the 300mph barrier in its controversial top speed run last year

What Does Ford Want The ‘Skyline’ Name For?

Ford has sought to trademark ‘Skyline’, which could hint at a future vehicle with that name

Novitec Takes Ferrari SF90 Stradale Over 1000bhp With The Subtlest Tweaks

Ferrari’s first plug-in hybrid is already incredibly powerful, but that wasn’t quite enough for Novitec

Carlos Ghosn’s Accomplices Will Be Jailed For Helping Him Escape Japan

Father and son duo sentenced to 44 months in prison for their roles in smuggling Ghosn out of Japan in an audio equipment box