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US Tuner Tears Down The Supra's B58 Engine To Kick Off 1000bhp Project

This hugely insightful video from PapadakisRacing shows what's going on inside the Toyota Supra's BMW B58 engine

Here's The Aftermath Of The First C8 Corvette Crash

What looks to be the first public C8 Chevrolet Corvette crash happened in Yosemite and involved two other vehicles

671bhp Porsche Cayenne Turbo S E-Hybrid Wades Into The SUV Power Battle

The most powerful ever Cayenne develops 671bhp and 664lb using a twin-turbo V8 allied to an electric motor

Here's What Happens If You Mix Premium Tyres With Budget

Tyre Review took to a wet handling circuit in an M2 with a mix of premium and budget tyres, with alarming results...

This Is Probably The Next Audi RS6

Audi has posted a teaser image of a car which is almost certainly the 'C8' RS6

This Be-Winged BMW M8 Is The New MotoGP Safety Car

The latest machine in a long line of BMW-supplied MotoGP safety cars has arrived, and it's based on the M8 Competition

Your Chance To Own A Vector M12: A Supercar With The Strangest Backstory

This M12 will soon be going under the hammer, although it's hard not to get distracted by the bizarre story of Vector

Noise Is Now The Only Reason To Cling Onto Internal Combustion

As it emerges that Volkswagen’s terrifyingly fast ID R averaged the equivalent of 17mpg while crushing the Nurburgring lap record, the list of reasons to defend ICE has grown very thin indeed…

Bentley Has Joined The ‘Recreation’ Party With A 1939 Corniche

Bentley has recreated a one-off pre-WWII car that was partly destroyed in 1939, and it’s rather lovely

Here’s What The ‘BMW-Powered’ 2020 Jaguar F-Type Will Sound Like

With the glorious but outdated 5.0-litre supercharged V8 set for execution next year, Jaguar is looking at alternative power choices for the F-Type

Lotus Has A New Logo For The First Time Since 1989

English sports car maker Lotus has unveiled a new iteration of its yellow and green roundel, the first major change since the 1980s

Your Questions About RaceChip Tuning Answered

When we fitted a RaceChip to our 330d track project, we were inundated with questions. After heading to the company HQ in Germany, we've answered the biggest ones!

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Study Shows That Knee Airbags Give ‘Little Benefit’, May Be Harmful In Some Cases

According to research from the IIHS, knee airbags have a "negligible effect" on injury risk