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This Outwardly Normal BMW E92 M3 Is Packing A 2JZ

A peruse of the classifieds turned up something particularly unusual today - a 2JZ-GTE-swapped E92 M3

Motorbike Engine Vibrations Could Hurt Your iPhone, Apple Says

Apple has released a support document warning that exposure to "high amplitude vibrations" from some motorbike engines can damage the iPhone's camera

Here's The 'New' 2022 R35 Nissan GT-R In Its Millennium Jade Glory

Nissan has given the GT-R yet another tweak for the Japanese and North American markets while revealing a pair of special editions

The Honda Integra Has Already Returned (As A Tweaked Chinese Market Civic)

Well ahead of Acura's Integra revival, Honda has resurrected the name for a lightly restyled Civic reserved for the Chinese market

The Top 5 Best Super Saloons You Can Buy In 2021

A super saloon is one of the classiest ways to go fast. Here are the best ones you can buy new right now

Specific EV Tyres Are Surprisingly Different From Off-The-Shelf

Tyre Reviews has done a back-to-back test of the EV and non-EV versions of the 'same' tyre, revealing some startling differences

This Honda Accord Euro R Is A Hard-To-Find Slice Of JDM Cool

A rare opportunity to snag the JDM-exclusive Accord Type R has come up for a (reasonably) affordable price

The New Subaru WRX Is A Glorious Piece Of Rally-Inspired Forbidden Fruit

Americans: your new 271bhp rally yob is here. We’ll just sit in the corner and feel sad it’s not coming to the UK

I'm Driving An SUV Now, To Hell With The Haters

After giving up 'my' BMW M340d, I've swapped into a Mazda CX-5, and here's why...

Tesla Claims Nurburgring EV Production Record With Model S Plaid

Elon Musk has tweeted a timesheet showing a 7min 30.9sec 'Ring lap, and footage has been posted of a slightly slower effort

Fancy Buying A Collection Of Mad Max: Fury Road Vehicles?

An auction house in Australia is inviting "expressions of madness" for 13 vehicles used in the production of Mad Max: Fury Road

There’s A Bugatti Chiron Just Chilling In This €2 Million Motorhome

Think a campervan can’t be luxurious? This massive Volkner Mobil is a motorhome for the stars, and has a compartment underneath big enough to fit a sports car in

This Widened Dodge Ram Leaves Us With Many Questions

This king-size 1997 Dodge Ram is wider from nose to tail, and is currently up for sale for $32,000