Mike Bartholomew

The first full sentence spoken by an infant Mike was a review of the ride quality of a Volvo 850. It was “Daddy’s car goes bumpy-bump on a bumpy road,” so would probably need proofreading a bit, but it was a start.

After completing Coventry University’s Automotive Journalism master’s degree with distinction, Mike worked for automotive lifestyle brand and coffee house chain Caffeine & Machine as a digital media and content writer, creating written content for its website as well as overseeing its Instagram and Facebook accounts.

Mike joined Car Throttle as a staff writer in 2024, where he’s responsible for delivering on-the-button news and feature content covering the diverse world of cars and motorsport.

Cars have been a slightly worrying obsession for Mike since childhood. If it’s got four wheels, he probably has some level of interest in it, but he has a particular weakness for anything Italian. This led to him buying an Alfa Romeo 159, which he refuses to acknowledge is ruining his life, even though he sold an R26 Renault Sport Megane to fund its purchase.

When not writing about cars, driving cars or generally thinking about cars, Mike also enjoys cooking, music and getting outdoors, including the odd wobble down a hill on a mountain bike.

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