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Matt Robinson

Growing up on a diet of World Rally Championship highlights and lengthy Gran Turismo 2 sessions, a life in cars was as good as inevitable for Matt. 

Ethan Smale
Jazz owner.
Trinity Francis
International freelance automotive journalist and motoring writer.
Jason Craig
Harry Waring
Lover of all things fast, fun and loud. Porsche nerd, Ferrari fanboy, Fiesta driver. Member of the CT Team. Contact:
Charlie Harvey


Phill Troman
A journalist since 2001, Phill has worked for titles including Fleet News, Evo Middle East, Auto Trader, DriveTribe, Cazoo and Caffeine&Machine, and today survives as a freelance soldier of fortune.
Stephen Dobie headshot
Stephen Dobie is a motoring journalist with long stints on the editorial teams of both evo and Top Gear magazines. Now a freelance writer for hire, you can find Stephen's words in various titles including Motor Sport, evo, The Intercooler, Attitude and - of course - Car Throttle.

Ryan started out in motoring journalism in 2017 with the Press Association, testing hundreds of vehicles from superminis to sports cars (and all the SUVs in between), before moving to carwow early in 2021.

Mike Bartholomew headshot

The first full sentence spoken by an infant Mike was a review of the ride quality of a Volvo 850. It was “Daddy’s car goes bumpy-bump on a bumpy road,” so would probably need proofreading a bit, but it was a start.