Is It Possible To Rebuild This McLaren P1?

Damage to this McLaren P1 was heartbreaking from the outside, but wait until you see what's underneath.
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YouTuber Tavarish took on the mammoth task of rebuilding this McLaren P1 destroyed by flooding in Florida. In his latest video we finally start to see the true extent of the damage. Tavarish starts by removing the battery located behind the frunk which was full of water, sand and broken glass.

Is It Possible To Rebuild This McLaren P1?

Next he lifts the car to remove all the underside carbon fibre panels and for the most part, the carbon fibre survived unscathed. As the panels are loosened sand rains down around the team as they try to reveal the twin-turbocharged V8 engine above.

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Each part is caked in at least an inch of sand, making the panels extremely heavy. The bodywork is carbon fibre too, so apart from impact damage, it’s fared better than metal panels would. Thankfully, all the weather-sealed electrical connections seem to be in pristine condition, but the same can’t be said for any other aspect of the car.

Is It Possible To Rebuild This McLaren P1?

They managed to get the clamshell off the back to expose the engine from the top too. Next time, the team plans to explore the engine bay to see what, if anything, still works. One thing is guaranteed though, there will be sand, much more sand.


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