McLaren P1 Destroyed By Flood Being Rebuilt By YouTuber

YouTuber Tavarish buys flood damaged McLaren P1 to rebuild.
McLaren P1 Destroyed By Flood Being Rebuilt By YouTuber

This McLaren P1 made headlines for all the wrong reasons last year. A week after its new owner brought it home, it was ripped from their garage during Hurricane Ian. Along with their Rolls-Royce Phantom both cars were swept away to meet watery ends. But the story doesn’t end here.

The challenge of rescuing and rebuilding the P1 now falls to YouTuber Tavarish. After seeing the flood sweep the McLaren into the street he searched endlessly to find the person selling it. Luck would have it a listing for $575,000 (around £460,000) appeared. Its smashed windscreen, and obvious water damage were not enough to deter him.

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As number 348 of just 375 units built, this P1’s estimated value before the flood was close to $2 million (around £1.8 million). Even bought at a fraction of its original value, this McLaren needs a lot of cosmetic and mechanical attention.

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When Tavarish collects it, the engine bay is full of glass and it apparently smells like the ocean thanks to its salt water bath. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have submarine abilities like this Lamborghini Huracan.

The rear tyres are flat, the headlights are filled with water and the frunk has collected a beach of sand. Inside, the black interior does a lot of heavy lifting, it’s not terrible but, of course, none of the buttons work.

We’ll just have to wait and see what’s next for this P1 but this is guaranteed to be the start of a very lengthy rebuild.


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