Have You Seen This 1000hp Supercar From 1995?

This one-off model has some crazy stats to compete with modern supercars, but it's nearly 30 years old!
Have You Seen This 1000hp Supercar From 1995?

What if someone said to you, “money is no object, you can have the car of your dreams“? Would you choose an existing model or conceive one of your own? A member of the AI Maktoum family, the ruling family of Dubai, took this idea and ran with it. In 1991, he commissioned German manufacturer Lotec to create the fastest car in the world.

All it took was a cool $3.6 million (around £2.9 million) which is roughly equivalent to at least $7.2 million (around £5.8 million) in today’s money. The Lotec C100 is a one-off made of carbon fibre and fitted with a Mercedes-Benz 5.6-litre twin-turbocharged V8 engine capable of 1,000hp. That’s up there with modern supercars so it would’ve been groundbreaking in 1995.


It’s paired with a Hewland five-speed manual gearbox and reportedly has a top speed of 268mph, doing 0-60mph in around three seconds. This crazy one-of-a-kind is now going up for sale with Miami based dealer Curated.

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The odometer shows 2,576 km (around 1,600 miles), but if previous sales are anything to go by, it’s unlikely to achieve its original $3.6 million price tag. Last time, it sold for around a third of this, so we’ll wait to see if it stirs up some keen buyers.


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