Maserati MC20 GT2 Prototype Spotted At Monza Circuit

Listen to the MC20 GT2's twin-turbocharged V6 testing at Monza.
Maserati MC20 GT2 Prototype Spotted At Monza Circuit

Maserati showed off the MC20 GT2 last month and it’s been spotted testing at Monza in preparation for its offical debut at the 24 Hours of Spa in June. Track footage shows the MC20 GT2 protoype getting to grips with the circuit and most importantly gives us a chance to listen to the twin-turbocharged V6, free of emissions and sound restrictions.

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The bones of the MC20 GT2 are shared with the road-going version, aside from a few obvious changes to increase downforce and make it a worthy track opponent. The carbon-monocoque chassis protects the driver and all superfluous interior trim has been stripped and replaced with a roll cage and racing seat.

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Whilst the 3.0-litre V6 is the same engine as the standard MC20, which is rated to 621hp and 538 lb-ft of torque, it’s likely the GT2 will be much more powerful. Maserati’s Project24 track car has a V6 capable of 730hp so the GT2 could end up around this. It’s also paired with a six-speed sequential transmission instead of the dual-clutch gearbox.

Maserati MC20 GT2 Prototype Spotted At Monza Circuit

The MC20 GT2 can be purchased by teams competing in the Fanatec GT2 European Series Championship. This will be a monumental return to GT racing for Maserati as the MC12 GT1, the GT2’s predecessor, raced between 2004 and 2010.


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