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Three Guys Broke Every Speed Limit Driving 29 Hours From NY To LA In A CL55 AMG

Ed Bolian and friends took a souped up Merc CL55 AMG across America at an average speed of 98mph!

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ku-xlarge (3) Ed Bolian and two friends have driven from New York City to Los Angeles in record breaking time. The trio completed the 2,813-mile trip in 28 hours and 50 minutes, beating Alex Roy's 2006 record by more than two hours. Ed, a 28-year-old guy from Atlanta, told Fox News that he'd been thinking about attempting the trip for a decade. So with his friends Dave Black and Dan Huang playing co-pilot, Bolian jumped behind the wheel of his modified 2004 Mercedes CL55 AMG. ku-xlarge Leaving the Red Ball Parking Garage in New York 9.55pm on October 19th, the friends put the pedal to the metal until they arrived at the Portofino Hotel and Marina in California at 11.46pm, October 20th. Luck had a small part to play in achieving such a ridiculous time, as the Merc encountered no traffic, roadworks, cops or bad weather. All of this culminated in an average speed of 98mph. ku-xlarge (1) The Merc had a police scanner fitted as well as laser jammers in an attempt to avoid tickets. The addition of two 22-gallon fuel tanks - 67 gallons in total, including the Merc's factory tank - ensured that the team only had to stop three times for fuel. ku-xlarge (2) Bolian has risked prosecution by going public with his story as he freely admits he ignored speed limits, however he doesn't want to inspire others to attempt the feat:
β€œAt the end of the day, I did it for what I think it stands for β€” a challenge and a piece of automotive Americana.”
And because driving really fast for a really long time is really cool, probably. All images via Jalopnik