Every Pagani Zonda Ever Made.

So, I got wondering, “How many editions of the Pagani Zonda are there?” Here are all of the ones I could find, excluding the Roadster versions of each one.

Zonda C12

The old original, first made back in 1999. Still looks new today, albeit with a strange wing though. It actually only produced the same as an old Audi RS4, making 444bhp from a 6.0 litre V12. Only 3 were actually sold to customers, but there were 2 extra; one for the crash tests, and one was turned into a rolling test bed for the 760 (La Nonna). Just one original example remains today, painted in egg yellow and hiding in the rolling hills of Switzerland.

Zonda S 7.0

Basically the same as a C12 , but with a 7.0, 547bhp engine. Unveiled in 2000, 16 were made in 2 years. Visually, we’ve got a completely new bonnet with a pillar like shape in the grill. Also, instead of having one wing, it’s got two!

Zonda S 7.3

Bigger engine yet again, and the first to spawn a roadster variant. While it didn’t have a power bump over the C12S, the max RPM was increased to 7000. 17 coupes were made after it was unveiled in 2002, (one of which is driven by Horacio), and it actually broke the record for production cars around the Nurburgring at the time, doing it in 7 minutes 44 seconds.

Zonda F

The “F” stands for Fangio, the great racing driver. One of the most famous of them all - Coupe unveiled in 2005, roadster in 2006. Also had a Clubsport coupe and roadster and a Clubsport Final Edition Coupe and Roadster as well. Power was increased to 594bhp, with a completely new look. The clubsport was even more mental, producing 641bhp, which shot the Zonda once again to the Nurburgring record books with a time of 7:27.

Zonda Cinque

Perhaps the most famous one, this is. There were 5 Cinque coupes followed by 5 Cinque Roadsters. the Cinque made a whopping 669bhp, and it was the second car to use the 6 speed sequential paddleshift, after the Zonda PS. It was meant to be the last Zonda, but we all know how that went.

Zonda Tricolore

Based on the Cinque, named after the Italian Air Force Display Team. One of three, and kind of a 760 predecessor as it has a bit of a dorsal fin. Blue carbon for the win, and the first to have the cute headlight face that cannot be unseen! It actually produces less power than the Cinque because it doesn’t have a roof scoop.

That’s all of the easy ones. Now, we go into dark territory…

Zonda C12 Monza

A one off Zonda C12 race car. Extremely cool car, sounds incredible. Based on a C12S 7.3, an American owner turned it into a track day monster with 592bhp, and a full carbon body. Currently part of Sparky’s collection, it makes its way to a few public events, namely the Dream Ride expo. Bonus fact, it was hit by a golf cart at one of the events. The car was fine though.

Zonda GJ

Most unlucky Zonda ever. Originally a Zonda C12S that was crashed by a “an internationally famous racing champ” and sent back to the factory to be repaired, was turned into the one off GJ. Then, it was sold to a new owner, whose bodyguard smashed it into some railings in north-west London. While it was uninsured. And coming back from an MOT. So yeah, not good. Anyway, it had 641bhp in GJ form, essentially making it an F Clubsport. It was rebuilt after the crash into the Oliver Evolution.

Zonda Uno

Built for serial supercar collector Sheikh Abdullah bin Nasser Al-Thani, the one with the white P1 with the blue highlights, which was a crashed Zonda F and was then turned into this. Now the car has been sold to another owner, but it still has the faces in the lights and 690bhp. It now resides in China.

Zonda HH

Made for a Danish programmer, it’s got the Cinque’s engine and the F Roadsters bodywork. The owner also commissioned the Agera HH, in the same colour scheme. It shares the 670bhp V12 from the Cinque, but instead of the paddleshift it has a good old manual. It doesn’t have a roof scoop, and it’s all the more better for it. It currently resides in Marbella.

Zonda La Nonna

Meaning “Grandfather” in Italian, this is the oldest Zonda out there. It started off life as the original C12, before being constantly upgraded to new specifications over the years. As Pagani’s testing Zonda, it’s done over one million miles, making it the highest mileage Zonda as well. It was fully restored for Horacio Pagani’s 60th birthday in 2015, and currently has the 760 engine mated to a 7-speed sequential gearbox. You can currently find it in Pagani’s museum.

Zonda Absolutle

A matte-black, right hand drive Cinque roadster. This was an F that was crashed, and therefore upgraded to pretty much the Cinque spec, switching to the 670bhp V12 and going from a manual to a paddleshift. This Hong Kong car was upgraded into the Absolute Evolution in 2018, continue reading for more information on that.

Zonda PS MK1

Originally made for Peter Saywell, this car was the second Zonda to have the four exhausts horizontally (after a C12 Roadster that had a horizontal aftermarket exhaust fitted). It was then crashed, and turned into the 760 PS. Basically a Zonda F Clubsport, you’ve got 640bhp on tap, with a sequential gearbox.

Zonda 760 RS

760hp, carbon body and Cinque parts, you say? That’s the 760 RS, a one-off built for a friend of Horacio’s. The very first of the 760 models, it has 750bhp and a sequential gearbox, so it’s a bit of a handful. This car is one of very few 760s to be driven by journalists, with EVO making a spectacular video on this. The car now resided in Chile, and is rarely driven.

Zonda 760 RSJX

Same as the 760 RS, just uglier. It was built for a Chinese entrepreneur, before he decided he wasn’t a fan of the spec and had it sent back to the factory to be rebuilt as the Viola (more on that later).

Zonda 760 LH

Same as the 760 RS, except it’s owned by Lewis Hamilton and had a minor prang in Monaco about a year ago. One of the only 760s to have a manual, and according to Hamilton it’s the best sounding but worst driving car he owns.

Zonda 764 Passione

Another 760 variant, this time with wood! Cool paintjob, but i’m still not entirely sure why it’s called the 764 as it still “only” has 750bhp (760hp), and its hiding place of choice is Japan. A very elusive car, having only been seen at Bingo Sports (Japan’s Pagani Dealership) and the factory,

Zonda 760 Fantasma

This one is confusing. Originally a bright orange F owned by the same guy who now owns the 760PS, it was sold to a Chinese businessman who crashed it in Hong Kong, it was then upgraded to 760 Spec while being repaired and turned into this. It was then sent back to the factory and upgraded to the Fantasma Evo.

Zonda 760 VR

I love the blue! This used to be a Zonda F, but the British owner wanted to go fast, so the 760 engine was brought in. It gives away its F Roadster origins by the fact that it doesn’t have the headlight faces, or the wider body. However, the exhaust hub is extended from the car. The car was seen in London a few times before disappearing for a few years, before turning up at a small event in Essex and then being seen multiple times around the Birmingham area.

Zonda 760 AG

The first 760 Roadster, this Dubai car has blue carbon with a manual gearbox. This doesn’t have the headlight faces unfortunately, which are actually LED daytime running lights. It does however have a proper manual, and a lovely leather interior.

760 JC

Why the pink? Why? Based on a 760, this has a new splitter, headlight “Eyelids” and a lil’ wing… under the 760 wing! And it’s pink! The first of the massive winged 760s, the line of which continues to the newer ones. It also has extremely sinister headlights, in which the bulb covers of the regular Zonda are gone, and a thick brow is placed over the lights, which has the LED running lights built into it. Also has the arrow shape on the bonnet, like the Zozo. This car resides in China, as part of a collection that also includes a One:1.

Zonda Zozo

A rather strange Zonda. Purple paint, wheel spats, a 3D-arrow shape on the bonnet and LM-style ducktail rear light make for one interesting sight. This Zonda went to Japan (where else with a spec like that). It was involved in a crash in Tokyo, and hasn’t been seen since.

Zonda MD

This used to be a Zonda F, and you can tell. It still has that much more simple wing, coupled with a Cinque style roof scoop. This also doesn’t have the running light faces, but does have pair of canards on each side. It’s still beautiful though. Also has a plaque that says “1 of 1 of 1 of 1”. Strange. This also has the 750bhp engine. Spend enough time in London and you’ll eventually see it.

Zonda by Mileson

Another one-off, made for Mileson Guo, who also owns that awesome purple-and-gold Agera Zijin. This awesome car is arguably the most unique Zonda - it has some new lights, where the LED running light curves around the outside of the headlight cluster, wraparound rear lights just like the Zonda LM, JC like front winglets and an absolutely massive wing.Like most of the one-off Zondas, this one has the sequential gearbox and the 760 engine.

Zonda Kiryu

Made for the Pagani dealer in Japan, this car wasn’t specced by a customer, as Mr Pagani himself decided what is should look like. The blue carbon, 760-based roadster was a dream for spotters, as Mr Pagani said that it should be at the dealer for at least 6 months without being moved or sold. You’ve got the sequential gearbox and the 760 engine, but you’ve also got the exhaust hub extended.

Zonda GR

A one of two race car Zonda that actually competed. It was an amazing car, based on a C12 but with 600BHP, and one of them competed in various championships, and even raced at the 2003 Le Mans 24 Hour, but retired just a few laps in with a gearbox fault. Then, it had a massive crash in a race at Most Circuit in Czech Republic. The car was pretty much destroyed in a crash in 2012, but the team have since fixed it and it apparently still competes in some championships. There were many iterations, each more extreme than the next. That wing is masssssivvveee. It “only” has 592bhp, but it weighs just 1100kg. What i’m trying to stay is it goes like stink.

Zonda Nero

This is the Zonda Nero, which was originally a C12 7.3S owned by a Taiwanese businessman, WASN’T crashed, but the owner simply wanted an upgrade. This car is very… stealthy. It has black paint, black tail lights and even black windows. It has also had Zonda F parts upgrade, hence the new splitter and wing. It also features a Tricolore-esque fin. Underneath it is a Zonda F Clubsport now, which means 650BHP and a top speed of 215MPH. After going through a few owners, it now lives in London, but is rarely driven.

Zonda 760 PS (PS MK2)

This used to be the weird horizontal exhaust Zonda, but it had an accident and had to be rebuilt. Therefore, Mr Saywell upgraded it to a 760 spec. Instead if being white, yellow and exposed carbon, its blue and carbon. Still has yellow calipers. You’ve obviously got the 750bhp engine, paired with a seven speed sequential. This car skidded on an oil slick in late 2017, before being rebuilt.

Zonda 760 KAQ

We really don’t know that much about this car, except that it uses the sequential gearbox and was made for a customer in Dubai. It’s all exposed carbon, apart from a maroon stripe down the middle. This, like all 760s, will do 0-60 in 2.6 seconds and will max out a 217mph.

Zonda Oliver Evolution

One of the coolest Zondas. Made for a Tokyo car collector (and named after his son), this is one of the more subtle Zonda 760s, if that’s even a thing. In terms of paint, you’ve got grey and carbon, with Italian flag stripes, which are amazing. It also has a completely MENTAL wing. I mean, look at it! There’s two wings on a wing! The wing is bigger than the car! MENTAL! This car can be found in the UK, as part of a collection that also includes an MC12 Corsa, Laf, F50 and the UK’s first Huayra Roadster.

Before I get onto the “R” line, it’s worth mentioning that there are few Zondas that were meant to happen but didn’t/ haven’t happened yet.

Zonda Zeus

There is literally no information on this car whatever. However, styling wise it looks just like a Cinque roadster, but that’s all I know. If anyone does know anything about this car, please give me a bell! UPDATE: This car has sadly been cancelled. Shame.

Zonda RAK

A Cinque look-alike, but in yellow. I like it in yellow. This was a one-off that was meant for a German customer but it never saw the road. Also a shame.

Zonda 750

If it were real, it would be the predecessor to the 760 line, but with 10 less horses. While bright purple may not entirely suit it, it was the first Zonda to have a dorsal fin, which is smaller than the 760 fins, going into a Cinque style wing. It was a customer order that was cancelled at the last minute, which is a shame, as I rather like this style. The car that it was going to be built on was the Nonno.

Time for the “R” line now to finish this post off:

Zonda R

740bhp in a car that weighs 1070kg. That leads to a 0-60 time of 2.7 seconds and a Nurburgring time of 6:47.48. Only 15 were made, but even if you did see one it would probably be gone before you could notice! But you would notice of course. Partly because, well, you’re a car enthusiast, but secondly because you wouldn’t be able to hear anything over the 105db+, CLK GTR derived, 740bhp V12. Rather fast as well, heading round the Green Hell in 6:47.

Zonda R Evolution

If you somehow didn’t think the Zonda R was mad enough and quick enough, then you were WRONG! You need new gigantic front canards, a dorsal fin, and a 49bhp bump up to 789bhp! 5 were going to be made from scratch, and existing Zonda Rs (of which there were only 15) were going to have the option to upgrade, but in the end only one was made.

Zonda Revolucion

Finally, the last chapter of the Zonda, there was the Revolucion. This car is truly mental. While it keeps the 789bhp V12 from the Zonda Evo, it is lighter than the Zonda Evo thanks to new brakes. What makes this car even quicker than the rest is the DRS system. This allows for less grip on the straights and more grip in the corners. While no official Nurburgring time has been released by Pagani, there is evidence that one of the 5 cars had lapped the green hell in 6:30, over 15 seconds quicker than the Zonda R.

Fantasma Evolution

This was the Zonda Fantasma. But now it’s more powerful! We think! Not much is known about this car yet to be honest. I think we can safely assume that it has more power, as very little visual changes have happened. They only changes I could find are the little mouth lights are gone, and the seats are the same as the Huayra BC. Very cool. It’s in Hong Kong if you’re on a Zonda hunt.

Zonda Absolute MKII

Remember the Zonda Absolute, everyone’s favourite Zonda F based, carbon bodied, paddleshift Zonda? Well, it’s had a few changes. It now has a more aggressive front end, with double canards instead of single, and a dorsal fin has been added. There’s no information about any performance upgrades, so we can assume it still has the 670bhp V12.

Zonda 760 PS MKII (PS MK3)

It was a cold, wet morning in October of 2017, and while Peter Saywell was driving the Zonda 760PS MKII to Goodwood for his trackday, he hit an oil slick and speared into a barrier, tearing off the nose (Peter was fine). Anyway, it went back to Pagani, and was first shown in its most recent form in May 2018. It’s been completely redone - it now has a full carbon body that varies between blue and “regular” carbon, being split up by tasteful yellow pinstripes. The Cinque style air intakes are gone, but apart from that the general body features are the same. The sequential gearbox has been replaced with a manual, for proper driving pleasure. Also, that’s not a Huayra seat, it’s just a cover. If you want to lay your eyes on this, head to any one of the Saywell Trackdays at Goodwood.

Zonda Aether

Owned by Ronnie Kessel, head of the Kessel Group who both sell and race cars, this is very similar to a Cinque Roadster. Same intakes, slightly different wing, and a new front diffuser. Other unique features include slight lips over the rear lights, door straps instead of handles, and a custom audio headset. The owner also owns the one-off Ferrari SP38. This resides in Northern Italy.

Zonda Riveria

Originally a yellow Zonda F, this beautiful Zonda was made for the Seven Car Lounge dealership in Saudi Arabia. This has a fair few differences over the regular F; the manual gearbox has been replaced with a sequential one, the engine has been upgraded “beyond” 760 spec (although we don’t know how much exactly), and there’s been some general updates to the suspension and brakes. It also has the general 760 bodykit, with a beautiful colour combo of white, carbon, and electric blue. You’ll have to go to Saudi Arabia in order to see this beauty, unless you’re lucky enough to see it in London.

Zonda Diamante Verde

Excuse the poor quality photo, but this is one of very few photos of the car called Green Diamond. It’s a Roadster which is a unique chassis, with Mileson-style headlights, R-style rear lights (like the LM), and extended carbon arches that a lot of cars feature. It also features the same new splitter as the Aether, which personally I love. It also features the “basic” 760 dorsal fin and wing, and Cinque rear fender intakes. No technical details annoyingly, but judging by a video I saw it looks to be a stick-shift. Colour wise it features carbon with green flakes in it, and also green pinstripes.

Zonda Unica

Looking like a Tricolore roadster, this one-off (built on a new chassis) was created for Topcar design in Marbella. Not much is known about this, which is quite surprising considering how “public” the car is (making multiple event appearances) but it would be reasonable to assume that it’s powered by the 760 engine, however we know for certain that it is equipped with a manual gearbox.

Zonda King

Another rebuilt Zonda. This was originally a Zonda F, which has been rebuilt into another 760 Model. Finished in full carbon, it features a Cinque-style wing, no dorsal fin and the JC/Mileson style front winglets. Not much is known about this yet, however due to the fact that it is right hand drive, it seems most likely that it’ll be headed to Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore or perhaps even the UK.
Edit: This car resides in Hong Kong, and was present at the Zonda20 celebrations there.

Zonda HP Barchetta

The last of the “series” Zondas, these are some of the most insane Zondas out there. At the front, the Mileson-style splitter winglets are paired with F-style foglights, as well as Cinque-style canards and the MD-style bonnet. Cinque parts are prevalent throughout the back and the side - intakes from this can be seen, as well as the wing around the back, twinned with LM Style rear lights. The most obvious differences though are the wheel spats, new air intake and of course the chopped windscreen. Just 3 will be made, with the first car (seen here) going into Horacio’s personal collection. The price is rumoured to be around £15 million.



Wow amazing blogpost! Fun fact: the Zonda was nearly called the Fangio F1 after the 1950s F1 driver who worked with Pagani during the early development of the car.

05/02/2017 - 19:49 |
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Yep, Fangio was the one who recommended Horacio to Lamborghini in the 1980s.

05/03/2017 - 07:52 |
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What about the Zonda Anija? It’s a custom Zonda for a Japanese owner with traditional JDM inspired modification.

05/02/2017 - 19:49 |
2 | 0

That wasn’t an official Zonda, it’s a custom body kit that isn’t endorsed by Pagani.

05/03/2017 - 07:51 |
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Archive Aston (Aston Martin squad)

The cinque was my favourite. Also it was in hot pursuit

05/02/2017 - 19:57 |
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Chad Fischbeck (Corvette squad)

Man nice blogpost! This was very interesting. I didn’t realize how many different zondas their actually are.

05/02/2017 - 20:40 |
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Daniel Hall

Ah, you beat me to this blog! Great read, nonetheless! ;)

05/02/2017 - 20:46 |
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They got better and better looking until 2005 and then got progressively worse I’d say
Still my favourite modern Italian supercar. They somehow made a silver car look exciting

05/02/2017 - 20:50 |
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My crush is the C12, so good memories in Gran Turismo. Wish I could afford it anytime in my life… Amazing blog!

05/02/2017 - 20:58 |
1 | 0

The Zonda R series has always been my favorite Paganis

05/02/2017 - 21:06 |
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i would love to have a Zonda C12 or Zonda S (7.0/7.3)

05/02/2017 - 21:29 |
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