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Watch A 2700hp Ford GT Hit 292mph Before Its Parachute Brake Fails

The last thing you want to happen when attempting to hit 300mph in a modified Ford GT is for your parachute brake to destroy itself when you need it most...

Remind me later

Would you like to see a road-legal Ford GT hitting 292mph? Of course you would. Let’s not be silly, here. The video is above.

A certain Johnny Bohmer (bottom of the list; brace for retro CT) has set yet another standing mile speed record – although it’s unofficial because the Guinness World Records people weren’t there to see and verify it. He’s been doing this for a number of years, and his latest benchmark is a mighty 292mph. Just to make that really clear, that’s from a standing start in just one mile. Bloody hell.

Ford - Watch A 2700hp Ford GT Hit 292mph Before Its Parachute Brake Fails - Tuning

Apparently, Bohmer’s original plan for the ridiculously modified, 2700-horsepower BADD GT was to hit 300mph in the distance limit, but he reported boost pressure issues when he shifted to sixth, so he had to make do with a meagre 292mph score.

Slowing down was a little… clenchy. After his parachute brake ripped in two as it deployed (not what you want), the ordinary, albeit high-spec rotors were asked to do the job instead. They, err, broke. The rear ones cracked quite badly and the wheels were “very, very hot.” Yeah, we don’t doubt that.

Bohmer is aiming for another crack at the 300mph mark in December, when the Discovery Channel’s Fast N’ Loud will come to film the action.