Top 11 Best Christmas Gifts For Car Lovers

The most wonderful time of the year is approaching. Here are some ideas for the petrolhead in your life
Top 11 Best Christmas Gifts For Car Lovers

Christmas is coming, and if you’re anything like us, finding the right gifts is easier said than done.

If you’re looking for something for the petrolhead, look no further, as that’s something we can help with. We’ve picked out 10 gift ideas for the car lover in your life, or just something you can treat yourself to.

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Lego Speed Champions 2 Fast 2 Furious Nissan Skyline GT-R

Top 11 Best Christmas Gifts For Car Lovers

Everyone loves Lego, no matter if they’ll admit it or not. Car enthusiasts are well catered for, with the Speed Champions range offering an affordable option of blocky builds replicating some real-world icons.

One of the newest additions to the line-up is the 2 Fast 2 Furious Nissan Skyline GT-R, a replica of that driven by Paul Walker in the second instalment of the blockbuster franchise. Despite being a relatively small kit, the details are impressive - including nitrous bottles and even a Brian O’Connor mini-figure

Buy it on Amazon for £22.

Forza Motorsport

Top 11 Best Christmas Gifts For Car Lovers

Real racing is expensive, but fortunately, there are plenty of virtual options to appease the racer in your life.

Earlier this year, the latest iteration of Forza Motorsport was released. The Xbox and PC racer includes over 500 cars and currently 21 locations to race at, with more coming as free updates - meaning this is a gift that could get plenty of use.

If your petrolhead prefers PlayStation, Gran Turismo 7 has been around a while now but was recently revitalised with an impressive Spec II update. Alternatively, you could gift an Xbox Game Pass subscription, which includes access to Forza Motorsport and multiple other car games.

Buy Forza Motorsport for £59.95 on Amazon.

Logitech G923 Racing Wheel

Top 11 Best Christmas Gifts For Car Lovers

For gamers wanting to take sim racing to the next level, a racing wheel can elevate their game. There’s a huge array of options now, ranging from the ultra-cheap to the mega-expensive - depending on the level of quality you want, you can spend under £100 or well into the £1,000s.

An excellent middle ground at £289, and the go-to for many new sim racers, is the Logitech G923. Complete with shift lights and three pedals, the belt-driven force feedback wheel has just the right level of tech to make it a worthwhile upgrade from a controller. You can even buy a six-speed shifter optionally, too. It's worth noting Xbox and PlayStation versions are sold seperately, so double-check you have right one in your basket. Both are functionally the same, however, and work on PC.

Buy the Logitech G923 through Amazon.

Autoglym cleaning kit

Top 11 Best Christmas Gifts For Car Lovers

If in doubt, car cleaning gift sets are always going to go down well. Detailing can be an expensive labour of love if done properly, so any petrolhead will appreciate being given a set.

At £80, this Autoglym Supreme Car Care set has pretty much anything any hobbyist detailer could need. The 12-piece kit includes all the products to get a car looking squeaky clean, even the wheels and tyres, as well as mitts and cloths. It’s all wrapped up in a neat-looking bag, too.

Buy it on Amazon.

Impact driver

Top 11 Best Christmas Gifts For Car Lovers

Those working on an older one will likely be undoing nuts that haven’t been undone in years. The job that was supposed to take half an hour can be drawn out dramatically when inevitably one or two of these refuse to budge, which is why an impact wrench is something any DIY mechanic will love to have in their toolbox.

This cordless Ryobi impact wrench is £149.95, and has a 1/2” square drive, with a 1/4” adaptor included. So you can actually see what you’re doing while working underneath a car and in low light conditions, it has a trio of LED lights dotted around the head.

Buy it on Amazon.

Bentley golf clubs

Top 11 Best Christmas Gifts For Car Lovers

It’s not uncommon to see Bentleys at golf courses, so it’s no surprise that the British luxury car manufacturer will sell you a set of branded clubs.

Rather than being built in Crewe like its road cars, this 14-club set is said to be handcrafted in Japan. Admittedly, we’re no experts, but an ultra-soft pin-holed grip sounds like it’d be lovely to hold. A branded bag is thrown in, too.

They’re quite punchy, mind, at £6,250. Then again, if you’re buying them as a gift to match a Bentley, that may not matter so much.

Buy the clubs from Bentley.

Porsche 911 Dakar model with Christmas tree

Top 11 Best Christmas Gifts For Car Lovers

This 1:43 scale model of the new 911 Dakar is a wonderful recreation of the real thing, down to the details on the steel discs, off-road tyres and even the roof rack.

The addition of a Christmas tree is neat, making it perfect for any Porschephile looking to add to their festive decorations and it wouldn’t look out of place all year round. At £70, it’s not an unreasonable price for a model of this detail, either.

Buy the model from Porsche.

Nismo pyjamas

Top 11 Best Christmas Gifts For Car Lovers

If the car person in your life is the type to go to bed dreaming of Nissan GT-Rs, a set of Nismo pyjamas might be the perfect gift. Styled after the performance division’s trademark red and black colour scheme, the bottoms feature vents to “support airflow management”.

They’re not cheap. You can buy the pyjama set for £270, while the matching dressing gown is £190.


Wrumer product photo
Wrumer product photo

We can't all afford to buy and run a car with a big, fruity-sounding engine, but it's all good, as thanks to Wrumer you can make your dull inline-four sound like it's packing serious heat. All you need to do is plug the WrumerSound module into your OBD II port, download Wrumer's smartphone app, and select the kind of engine sound you want. 

This clever setup can read throttle position and engine RPM data, so it can play perfectly timed synthesised engine sound through the speakers. You can pick from all sorts of options including 'German V8', 'British V12', and if you're in a particularly weird mood, 'Lawnmower.'

Buy it on Wrumer for £31.90

Exceptional T-shirts

Top 11 Best Christmas Gifts For Car Lovers

It wouldn’t be a gift guide without some shameless self-promotion, right? Head over to the CT shop to take your pick of a variety of t-shirts, hoodies and more, ideal for the petrolhead in your life. Our pick of the bunch is the Airbag Preservation Society T-shirt for £23.99, but there’s enough to suit all tastes.


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