An Open Tesla Model X Falcon Wing Door Is No Match For A London Bus

A Model X was filmed in North London driving away with one of its 'Falcon Wing' doors open, with disastrous consequences
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The showy ‘Falcon Wing‘ rear doors are perhaps the Tesla Model X’s most notable feature. Depending on your point of view they’re either cool and futuristic or a pointless complication, but one thing can’t be denied - driving off without closing them is a recipe for disaster.

We’ve seen owners have mishaps with these gullwing-style doors before, but this might just be the most dramatic yet. A Model X driver was filmed on the A111 in Southgate, London with the driver’s side Falcon door open, moments later nearly ripping it off in a collision with the number 125 bus.

It actually hits the vehicle twice - once on the windscreen, whipping back into the side of the bus just after. Bent back and mechanism no doubt trashed, the Falcon door ingloriously flops down to the side of the Model X. A scooter rider sums up how we’re all feeling by putting their hand to their helmet in despair.

An Open Tesla Model X Falcon Wing Door Is No Match For A London Bus

Although this would have no doubt been a deeply unpleasant experience for the bus driver, the windscreen seems to have (mostly) stayed in one piece. Bus operator Metroline has confirmed that the driver did escaped serious injury. A spokesperson for the company said:

“We are aware of the collision in the video where a third party car collided with our stationary bus, and it is currently under investigation. The welfare of our driver is our chief concern at this time and we are able to confirm that he has not sustained any serious injuries.”

As for the driver of the Model X, we can only speculate as to why they decided to drive off with a door open. It’s unlikely that they didn’t realise - the Model X gives off both visual and audible warnings when the Falcon doors are open, featuring a graphic that fills much of the infotainment screen. It might have been in the name of showboating, as we often see with Lamborghinis making a lot of noise in built-up areas with scissor doors raised.

It’s possible that the door wouldn’t close electronically due to a fault (issues like these have been reported in the past), although in that event, it should still be possible to manually close. And if not, impatiently driving off with the thing still open is a rather bad idea, as has been proven.


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