Gordon Murray Automotive Reveals New T.33 Spider

Following the sold out success of the T.33 Coupe, GMA is back with the T.33 Spider.
Gordon Murray Automotive Reveals New T.33 Spider

Gordon Murray Automotive has announced its new T.33 Spider, which will have a limited run of 100 units. Created with driving performance and rigidity in mind, everything from the A-pillars back is completely new. The Spider features two removable roof panels and a rear glass window that drops down so you can be even closer to the V12.

Incredibly, the Spider matches the performance of the T.33 Coupe and only adds an extra 18kg to the overall weight, coming in at 1,108kg. An Ultralight carbon monocoque is used to maximise torsional rigidity and maintain the driving dynamics found in the Coupe.

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Whilst an automatic version was originally planned, interest for the six-speed manual has been so strong, this will be the only transmission paired with the naturally-aspirated 3.9-litre V12 Cosworth engine. Even though the T.33 engine is tuned down from GMA’s T.50, Murray claims the power to weight ratio is better than the McLaren F1.

75 percent of the maximum 451Nm torque is available from 2,500rpm and this shoots up to 90 percent from 4,500prm. Peak power kicks in at around 10,250rpm and the engine is electronically limited to 11,100rpm. In total the engine weighs just 178kg, making it the lightest V12 in a road car.

Gordon Murray Automotive Reveals New T.33 Spider

But the T.33 Spider was designed to combine all that power with practicality. The two roof panels fit into the front compartment and leave the quirky rear storage free. Murray says, “with the T.33 Spider, you’ve got a pretty little practical car you could use everyday, with that magic V12 in the back.” What’s not to love?

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Gordon Murray Automotive Reveals New T.33 Spider

Inside, the Spider version should look pretty familiar. Murray likes simplistic functional interiors so there’s nothing superfluous. In the driver’s seat he says it’s all about having fun and a six-speed manual gearbox paired with a V12 certainly sounds like a lot of fun!

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Gordon Murray Automotive Reveals New T.33 Spider

Pricing is expected to come in at around £1.9million ($2.4 million). The T.33 Coupe is £1.37million plus taxes, so increased material costs mean the Spider is likely to push closer to the £2million mark when it goes into production.


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