Hear The V12 GMA T.50's Glorious Timbre Through A Tunnel

A video of Gordon Murray’s T.50 supercar roaring through a tunnel has surfaced
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Turn up the volume and let the god-like sound of 12 firing cylinders give you goosebumps. This video of the GMA T.50 supercar driving through a tunnel near Lake Garda, Italy has emerged, and the roar reverberating from its V12 engine is breathtaking.

The video was recorded during the 2022 McLaren F1 30th Anniversary Owner’s Tour and uploaded by Youtuber Anytimespy. The GMA T.50 can be seen driving alongside a few McLaren F1 supercars, but the T.50 steals the show with its V12 howl that has been heard only a handful of times before, let alone on a public road.

Hear The V12 GMA T.50's Glorious Timbre Through A Tunnel

The 3.9-litre 653bhp naturally-aspirated V12 used in the T.50 has been developed by Cosworth, and GMA claims it’s the world’s “lightest and highest revving, and most power-dense V12”. Engine sound was clearly a priority for Gordon Murray, and the T.50 has what the company called ‘Direct Path Induction Sound’ – a system pioneered on the McLaren F1 and improved on the GMA T.50 to channel engine noise into the cabin.

This emphasis on sound has clearly translated to the outside, with the T.50 eclipsing the noise produced by the McLaren F1s around it.

No GMA T.50 has yet been delivered to customers, but the Gordon Murray supercar was spotted being crash-tested in recent weeks. That said, the noise produced by the T.50 alone should make it worth the wait, and the eye-watering circa £2.8 million ($3 million) price tag.


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