This Ferrari F12 Berlinetta Is A 'Half-Price' Bargain at £145,000

Glorious yellow bonnet stripe, 730bhp V12 and a £2,000 carbon-fibre cup holder are just some of the highlights of this 2013 Ferrari F12. Like it?
This Ferrari F12 Berlinetta Is A 'Half-Price' Bargain at £145,000

There are a lot of brand-new supercars for sale right now. Ferrari sells 10 different models (admittedly half are Spiders or other variants) - more than Lexus, Honda, Fiat and a number of other mainstream companies. That normally means a new supercar is going to suffer eye-watering depreciation as soon as its first owner has gazed at it. McLarens tend to suffer particularly bad - a result of the company churning a new car out every time the weather changes.

But it’s taken eight years for this Ferrari F12 Berlinetta to drop half its original price, which seems like it’s going to be a future classic. Perhaps it already is. The F12 replaced the blob-eyed 599 and came before the 812 Superfast, so it was Ferrari’s biggest and most powerful ‘normal’ production model. Arguably one of the best-looking modern Ferraris, too.

This Ferrari F12 Berlinetta Is A 'Half-Price' Bargain at £145,000

It came with stop-start to reduce idling, but let’s not kid ourselves - the F12 was built to get places gut-punchingly quickly. It has 730bhp and will pass 62mph just three seconds after setting off. The nat-asp 6.3-litre V12 revs to a delicious 8,000rpm - a little way off the 9500rpm the recently teased 812-based special will manage, but we’re not grumbling.

This Ferrari F12 Berlinetta Is A 'Half-Price' Bargain at £145,000

Brand new, it cost £240,000 but most buyers spent tens of thousands in options - including the person who bought this car. Since its registration in August 2013, it’s covered 18,000 miles, which is high-mileage compared to similar cars for sale.

It’s finished in Rosso Scuderia (red) but currently wears a satin grey wrap with a historic yellow stripe cutting across the bonnet. We’d probably keep this colour scheme, to be honest. It goes really nicely with the black 20-inch alloys, the yellow brake calipers and the Ferrari shields on the wings.

This Ferrari F12 Berlinetta Is A 'Half-Price' Bargain at £145,000

Let’s check out the options on this car. Highlights include the carbon-fibre driver’s zone (£4,436), a JBL audio system (£3,352), a two-tone interior (£2,112) and a front camera for £1,920, which seems a bit steep considering the rear one’s fitted as standard. All Ferrari prices are steep, though; the Ferrari logos on the headrest cost this owner £720, and they also paid £432 for contrasting stitching, £557 for coloured seatbelts and £1,056 for the Ferrari shields. They’re pretty much mandatory, though, aren’t they
One other option is a carbon-fibre cup holder, which is just nonsense, frankly. And yet our F12 buyer paid £2,112 to have it. Our BMW E46 Compact cost a sixth of that for a whole car!

This Ferrari F12 Berlinetta Is A 'Half-Price' Bargain at £145,000

These are just the options listed or the ones we could see, and these came to £22,697. That carbon-fibre spoiler won’t have come cheap, either, seeing as the listing says it’s bespoke. There could also be an £8,160 luggage set or a £1,248 Alcantara parcel shelf, while speccing the nose-lift system and paint protection would add a further £5,000 to the bill. Shame there’s no option to upgrade the climate control dials, which look like they came from a Toyota.

In truth, though, this F12 looks very well specced, and it looks phenomenal. Do you agree? Let us know in the comments.


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Honestly, 145 000£ for a beautiful Ferrari with a big a** V12 and many extras is a really good price. The F12 is one of the most Ferrari-ish Ferraris imo.

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