Bag A Depreciation-Hit McLaren 570S With A £58,000 Discount

Depreciation is no friend to McLaren’s incredible entry-level supercar, having knocked almost £60,000 off its value in less than four years
Bag A Depreciation-Hit McLaren 570S With A £58,000 Discount

If McLarens have a universal flaw it’s that they’re rather expensive. The Woking-based firm tried to solve that back in the middle of the 2010s with the 570S an entry point to a 3.8-litre V8 range that sacrificed a few trinkets and made the 650S’s chassis a bit less aggressive.

By God, it worked. You could get into it with no warm-up and drive it around a track like you were on fire, and there was never any risk of it being boring. It was sharp, engaging and generally brilliant at pretty much everything. It had lost that spiky edge the 650S had, where if you mistreated it it could turn on you, but that was no bad thing for a car that aimed to attract buyers new to McLaren who were at least as concerned about the badge as they were about the body control.

Bag A Depreciation-Hit McLaren 570S With A £58,000 Discount

It sold pretty well, with hundreds finding European owners every year. In 2017 over 700 US buyers took delivery. Its popularity drove profits for McLaren, but depreciation on such a car is as inevitable as Russian dash-cam videos. We had a swift poke around the classifieds and immediately found early 2016 cars for less than £90,000 – a £55,000 drop on the pre-options list price of the 570S that year.

A few seconds later we saw this Volcano Orange beauty: sold between March and August 2016 and now with just 14,200 miles burdening its plush suspension and M838T twin-turbo V8. It’s for sale at £86,995 complete with goodies like a hydraulic nose-lift, sports exhaust, ceramic brakes, parking sensors at both ends, diamond-cut alloys and a full service history. Why wait for McLaren’s new hybrid 570S successor - spied undergoing testing this week - when this is such a steal?

Bag A Depreciation-Hit McLaren 570S With A £58,000 Discount

We don’t have the exact details of how many of these things were options at the time or how much they cost, but we estimate a five-figure lift over the list price. Even without the options spend and rounding its age up to exactly four years, this car has lost a minimum of £40 a day in depreciation. Looking at its low usage, you could say it had lost around £9.73 per mile. Ouch.

Still, let that be your friend. You could be the beneficiary of this colossal drop in value, if, say, you have about £87,000 lying around (or enough for a chunky deposit). The damned thing is less than four years old; it’s basically feel like new from the driver’s seat. And that colour; wow.

Bag A Depreciation-Hit McLaren 570S With A £58,000 Discount

It’s for sale with Prince Motor Group in Potters Bar. Their staggering stock list includes an Aventador, an F12 and a 599 GTB, among many other yummies. Services on the orange Mac have been carried out at 4248, 7180, 8199 and 13,878 miles. It’s a looked-after car and is no less than all the sports/supercar you’ll ever need. Time to rummage through your old coat pockets for any large cheques you forgot to deposit.


Tomislav Celić

The sad part is, after 15 years these cars will start to appreciate, meaning they will never drop sub 30k.

Shame. Most of us will never be able to afford it.

02/08/2020 - 12:09 |
22 | 2

What’s really sad is that by the time any of us can afford a new supercar. They’ll be neutered iphones on wheels.

02/08/2020 - 14:03 |
8 | 0

Their point never was to be affordable
You don’t need a supercar

02/08/2020 - 15:06 |
14 | 0
02/08/2020 - 21:28 |
8 | 0

jus build ur own supercar killer

02/09/2020 - 06:29 |
0 | 0



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