This Is The Best Lexus LFA Noise Cut We've Ever Heard

Lexus' unusual V10-powered monster appears in this brilliant sound check video from The Supercar Driver
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With an original run of only 500 units and auctioned examples like the one we looked at last week typically reaching over £300,000, us normal folk are unlikely to ever get close to a Lexus LFA. That’s rather sad, but thankfully, this YouTube video does a decent job of replicating the experience of being in one driven at full chat.

The three and a half-minute film comes from The Supercar Driver, and it begins with a nice little bonus - a cheeky rev-off with another V10 hero, the Porsche Carrera GT. From there, it’s all on the Lexus, the noise is astonishingly good.

This Is The Best Lexus LFA Noise Cut We've Ever Heard

The engine, as a reminder, isn’t all the work of Toyota. Yamaha, which has a CV chock full of legendary projects like the Toyota 2000GT, had a hand in developing the 4.8-litre ‘1LR-GUE’. The block is made from a blend of aluminium, magnesium and titanium, and within that lump are titanium con-rods and forged pistons moving awfully quickly. The redline sits at 9000rpm, which the V10 can rev to in a mere six-tenths of a second in neutral. Peak power of 552bhp is made at 8700rpm.

It wasn’t just the automotive arm of Yamaha that got involved in the creation of the engine, either. The sound technology department of the Yamaha was tasked with harmonically optimising part of the air intake.

Clearly, that work paid off. I mean, just listen to it.



LEGENDARY! It’s just LEGENDARY!!!!!!!!!

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