The Lamborghini Huracan Super Trofeo Evo 2 Is A Love Letter To The Countach

The noisy GT car of Lamborghini's one-make 'Super Trofeo' racing series has had a makeover with some Countach influence

This The Best Lamborghini Countach Replica We've Ever Seen

£70k buys you an incredibly close replica of the Countach LP5000 QV, but you'll have to make do with way less than 200bhp

Lamborghini Aventador SVJ Recalled For Potentially Ejecting Engine Cover

The NHTSA has issued a recall notice for the SVJ, noting that the engine cover "could fully detach from the vehicle" at speed due to a manufacturing defect

BMW Used Lamborghini V10 Noise For M2 Marketing Video, Then Deleted It

In a since-deleted video, BMW USA's Instagram page used what sounds like Lamborghini V10 engine noise over clips of an M2

The Lamborghini SC20 Is A Windscreen-Less, One-Off Supercar

Lamborghini has joined the increasing ranks of manufacturers building open-cockpit supercars

Fancy Buying A Lamborghini LM002?

A rare opportunity to own Lamborghini's terrible but oddly endearing LM002 has come up via an online auction

Lamborghini Tech Chief Pledges To Keep V12 Alive With Hybrid Assistance

Maurizio Reggiani insists the Aventador's replacement will retain a V12, with some sort of hybrid technology helping it comply with emissions regulations

The Ducati Diavel 1260 Lamborghini Is A Siàn-Inspired Special

Ducati has made a special version of the Diavel 'power cruiser' in tribute to its sister company's Siàn FKP 37

The RWD Lamborghini Huracan STO Is A Road-Legal Track Car With GT3 Racing Influence

With the help of Squadra Course, Lamborghini has transformed the Huracan into a hardcore track car that can still be used on the road

Turns Out The Lamborghini Huracan Spyder Makes A Pretty Decent Submarine

A Huracan Spyder driver showed incredible (and perhaps misplaced) determination when trudging through floodwater in Florida

Lamborghini Working On Open-Cockpit Hypercar, Because Apparently We Need More Of Those

The Lamborghini Squadra Course Facebook page has posted an image of a speedster-style prototype

Get A Load Of The 819bhp Lamborghini SCV12 And Its Bonkers Cabin

Lamborghini has given its slick-shod, Aventador-based track car the full reveal treatment

Lamborghini Urus Production Reaches 10k Milestone Twice As Quickly As The Huracan

It's taken just two years for Lamborghini to shift 10,000 units of the Urus, half the time the Huracan needed to reach that figure

The Lamborghini Sian Roadster Is A V12 Hybrid Hypercar That's Already Sold Out

Lamborghini is only making 19 Roadster versions of the 808bhp Sian, and each one is already spoken for