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Lamborghini USA Recalls Every Aventador And Veneno Because Of Potential Rev-Battle Fires

Lawd Jesus, it's a fire! No, really: Lamborghini has found a problem with the design of the Aventador's fuel tank and exhaust system that has been causing fires - especially after rev battle action

Rejoice: The NA Lamborghini V12 Is Going Nowhere

Having previously been told that nails were being hammered into the awesome 6.5-litre V12's coffin, it looks like it's actually set to stick around for a long time yet

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Andrea Amici's Dubai 24 Hours race lasted just two hours, with his Huracan erupting into flames following a tyre failure

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If you have a spare inner tube and a mate with an Aventador, you're in for a good time. Just be prepared for the occasional face full of snow...

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A pair of inexperienced drivers crashed their supercars into each other in a Vancouver tunnel, and it looks like both are write-offs