This Might Be Lamborghini's Long-Rumoured Hypercar

Lamborghini has teased a new car it'll be bringing to the Frankfurt Motor Show next month - is this the mythical LB48H?

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Lamborghini Is Mulling Over A 2021 Le Mans Hypercar Class Entry

Lamborghini CEO Stefano Domenicali has confirmed that the company is considering an entry into WEC's incoming 'hypercar class'

Lamborghini Has Gone Arctic Road-Tripping In 7 Huracan Evos

What’s the point of a supercar if you don’t take it out into the world and use it? Hats off to Lamborghini, which has taken seven Huracan Evos to Norway’s spectacular Lofoten Islands

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Lamborghini has decided to turn the Huracan Evo into a lifted, desert-bashing V10 brute

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In a fantastic story with which to start the week, Lamborghini secretly discovered the whereabouts of a famous movie Miura and restored it to perfection

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Some supercar owners just get carried away with all their good fortune, like the owner of this UK-registered Lamborghini that ends up an almost certain write-off

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German tuner Manhart has increased the power of the Urus while decreasing its already low levels of subtlety

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In a monumental display of both admirable commitment and atrocious taste, an Indian car customiser has produced the world’s oddest replica supercar

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Lamborghini has teased the facelifted Huracan which will be revealed in full this year

Lamborghini Reveals More About The Aventador’s Hybrid Replacement

More details have emerged regarding Lamborghini’s preferred development path for the Aventador’s replacement, and about how it will employ electric power