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Woman Trades Rick And Morty Szechuan Sauce For A Golf GTI

Damn, Americans really, really seem to want that Rick And Morty Szechuan sauce, but an entire car isn't even the highest price that has been paid so far for a single sachet

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Rachel Marie, with the car she took in payment for one sachet of sauce
Rachel Marie, with the car she took in payment for one sachet of sauce

To anyone who has never watched a single second of a cartoon called Rick And Morty, this story flies about a mile over our heads. However, even those of us who’re clueless on this front have probably seen the characters and the memes.

In the wake of McDonald’s recent decision to offer a super-limited-edition Rick And Morty-inspired Szechuan sauce, the unexpected and almost violent demand for it, and the bizarre stories of eBay values and puzzling trades being made, we bring you this: a woman actually traded her packet of cheap McDonald’s sauce in a branded sachet for a fully-functional MkIV Volkswagen Golf GTI.

Rachel Marie, a 23-year-old graphic designer from Michigan, who seems to be one of those awful people who make an effort to obtain rare, sought-after things not to enjoy them, but to profiteer off them, went to her local McDonald’s and stood in line for her turn. She bought a meal with a sachet of sauce, kept the latter unopened and popped it online to see what she could get for it.

A local man who “just really friggin’ needed some sauce” offered his modified Golf GTI, and Rachel accepted. Yep: she got an actual car out of a packet of sauce. After that, this year’s Christmas crackers are going to seem even worse than usual. We don’t have full confirmation that this is truly real, because no one has seen the title to the car in Rachel’s name, but it seems as legit as it can.

Meanwhile, McD’s says it’s planning to bring the sauce back at some point soon, and in greater quantities. We wonder whether the guy whose Golf it used to be might be feeling a bit silly right now.

As linked in the Tweet above, earlier this year a Rick And Morty superfan bid $14,700 for a 20-year-old sachet of the Szechuan sauce that the seller found inside an old car he’d bought. That’s enough for us, world; we’ll hop off at the next stop, thanks.