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The Nissan GT-R Is No Match For An Audi R8 V10 Plus In A Straight Line

YouTube drag racing showdowns involving GT-Rs are as popular as ever, with this latest one from pitting the Nissan against an Audi R8 V10 Plus

Remind me later

A few weeks ago, a video showing a Nissan GT-R getting a bit of a drubbing at the hands of an Audi RS6 appeared. Much Internet rage and accusations of fakery followed, but we weren’t all that surprised. Although the GT-R in question didn’t seem quite on form to us, the Nissan’s acceleration figures have always been hard to replicate in the real world, whereas Audi is often quite conservative with its 0-62mph times. Oh, and the RS6 is stupidly quick for a massive estate car.

The guys over at have cooked up another GT-R vs Audi showdown, this time a more straightforward battle involving an R8 V10 Plus. Again, the Audi wins the day. The GT-R may be quicker on paper, and indeed beats the R8 off the line, but the lighter, more powerful Audi breezes past in the end.