The Dodge Demon V-Maxes At Just 164mph, But It Gets There Fast

Hennessey Performance took a standard Dodge Challenger SRT Demon and ran it to its maximum speed of just 164mph, but the way it gets there is... dramatic

Remind me later

The Dodge Challenger SRT Demon is, as we all know, monstrously fast off the line. Banned from competition for being too fast, and fast enough even to make one American motoring title call for a blanket ban. We disagreed.

But one thing that’s rarely explored is its top speed. Geared for maximum punch over the quarter-mile, it’s less than you’d think: just 164mph. That’s 5mph slower than a Honda Civic Type R…

Anyhoo, Hennessey Performance decided to test it for themselves. Watch the video to see how incredibly quickly it gets there.