VW Is Putting ChatGPT Into Its Cars Because Of Course It Is

Most new Volkswagens from the second quarter of 2024 will get ChatGPT built into its infotainment as standard
VW Is Putting ChatGPT Into Its Cars Because Of Course It Is

If most Internet commenters are to be believed, AI is here to steal all of our jobs, no matter your profession. Now, pour one out for the built-in voice assistants in modern cars as ChatGPT comes to take over their professions too. At least that’ll soon be the case for most Volkswagens.

Announced ahead of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) starting tomorrow, 9 January, the German automotive giant has revealed ChatGPT will be baked into its infotainment system as standard on several models from the second quarter of 2024. These include, but are not limited to, the ID.4, 5 and 7 plus the upcoming facelifted Mk8.5 Golf. At least that last one has given Volkswagen an excuse to share a shot of the new, camouflaged GTI.

How will ChatGPT be integrated, exactly? Well, it’ll technically work in conjunction with the voice assistant, allowing you to ask general knowledge questions alongside the usual voice control of your car’s functions like adjusting the air conditioning and using the sat nav.

VW Is Putting ChatGPT Into Its Cars Because Of Course It Is

You won’t need to do anything extra-special to activate ChatGPT in the car, which is activated through the usual voice control button on the steering wheel or with “Hello IDA”. If a request cannot be answered by the car’s voice assistant, it’ll be forwarded to ChatGPT.

Naturally, the AI won’t remain as a simple fountain of knowledge. Volkswagen has said in time, it’ll be able to receive vehicle-specific information, help you clear up questions and (perhaps frighteningly) be able to engage in ‘enriching’ conversations.

In case you were concerned, the system won’t store any of your information, with anything you say deleted immediately after “to ensure the highest possible level of data protection”.

Volkswagen isn’t the first to put ChatGPT into a car, mind you, with that honour going to Stellantis via DS. We’d expect it to spread through the VW Group, and fast, to Audi, Skoda and beyond though.


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