V10 Race Engine Goes On The Dyno For Bonkers Toyota GR Supra Project

Ryan Tuerck's 'Formula Supra' project took another important step, with its Judd V10 powerplant taking its first run on the dyno
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We make no apologies for bringing you our second modified Supra story of the day, because it’s a good’un. Ryan Tuerck, who announced a few weeks ago his intentions to shove a Judd V10 race engine in a GR Supra, has been putting said powerplant through its paces on the dyno.

The latest video in the build series is worth a watch for the various clips of Judd V10-powered beats (some of which came from CT favourite Hill Climb Monsters) alone. The dyno footage sounds glorious too, of course, although it’s not without it’s drama, with the engine cutting out part-way through the run. Thankfully, it was thought to be something minor, most likely a sensor issue.

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As a reminder, Tuerck’s powerplant of choice comes from British company Engine Developments, founded back in 1971 by John Judd and Sir Jack Brabham. Engine Developments has been making this V10 for more than 30 years, with versions of it seeing use in the F1 world.

Tuerck’s is the GV4, which displaces 4.0 litres, develops 730bhp, and will rev to 11,000rpm. The 145kg unit lasts for 2000 miles before needing a rebuild, making it a (comparatively) cheaper option for well-heeled track day types running F1 cars of the past.

V10 Race Engine Goes On The Dyno For Bonkers Toyota GR Supra Project

The ‘Formula Supra’ name for this project is truly fitting, then, and we’ve no doubt the finished product is going to be spectacular. We’ll see it come together over 14 episodes in this YouTube series, which started on 18 October.


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