Three Barely Used Lexus LFAs Are For Sale, Which Would You Have?

The Lexus LFA is a phenomenal but rare car, yet three are at auctions at the moment - and two of those have fewer than 1,000 miles each
Three Barely Used Lexus LFAs Are For Sale, Which Would You Have?

Y’know the saying that you wait ages for a bus to come along, then several come along at once? The same is also true of Lexus LFAs, as three are up for sale at the moment, with two recording less than 1,000 miles on the clock. Another came up for sale a few months back.

Famously, the Lexus LFA had a very long development period. The first mules were spotted lapping the Nurburgring as far back as October 2004. Then, halfway through its development the decision was made to swap a lot of materials for carbon fibre, adding cost and time to the project. When it was launched, it cost almost £350,000 ($375,000) and Lexus lost money on every one of the 500 cars it made.

Three Barely Used Lexus LFAs Are For Sale, Which Would You Have?

Of those 500, 64 were versions with the Nurburgring Package - and only 25 were sold in the United States. This black LFA is one of them, and is currently being sold through RM Sotheby’s. The Nurburgring Package was introduced to celebrate the LFA racing car’s class wins at the Nordschleife’s 24-hour race, including one at the 2014 Nurburgring 24 where one of the co-drivers was Toyota president Akio Toyoda himself, under the pseudonym Morizo Kinoshita.

The Nurburgring Package brought an extra 10bhp (562bhp), plus lots more carbon fibre and a big rear spoiler that increased downforce. It got magnesium BBS wheels, more focused tyres and a lower ride height. In 2011, a road-legal LFA Nurburgring Package lapped the eponymous German circuit in just 7 minutes 14.64 seconds.

Three Barely Used Lexus LFAs Are For Sale, Which Would You Have?

Most were orange or white, but this one sports a black-on-black colour scheme - plus an odometer reading of just 930 miles. The buyer of this car, expected to sell for up to $1.1million (roughly £800,000) will also get the original delivery documentation, LFA accessories including fitted luggage, plus a pair of racing gloves belonging to former Lexus driver Scott Pruett.

If that’s too expensive, this white LFA above is a more reasonable $515,000 (£370,000), and it’s covered astonishingly few miles. Just 177 miles since 2012, so the owner won’t have experienced the smooth-revving 4.8-litre V10 all that often. In fact, this one has been used so little that the original protective seat wrapping is still in place. The LFA had a digital speedo as no analogue dials could keep up with the engine, Toyota claimed. 0-62mph takes just 3.7 seconds, and the top speed is 202mph.

Three Barely Used Lexus LFAs Are For Sale, Which Would You Have?

RM Sotheby’s is also selling this silver LFA, but this one’s a relative high-miler with a smidge under 4,000 miles on the clock. It’s said to be one of just 26 painted in silver, but features a very fetching red leather interior. This one is set to sell for up to $700,000 (£505,000), despite having been used and enjoyed far more than the ones you’ve just read about.

If you could have a Lexus LFA, which of these would you have and why? Tell us in the comments.



Too bad they are automatic only. Without a manual transmission, I would not buy any car, no matter how much money I had.

08/13/2021 - 07:23 |
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I’d go for the silver one, it matches my car which is also silver with red seats

09/11/2021 - 18:11 |
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