There’s An iRacing Arcade Game Coming

Currently known as iRacing Arcade, it’ll be developed by Original Fire Games, known for Circuit Superstars
There’s An iRacing Arcade Game Coming

iRacing is a wonderful thing. For those of us too poor to go real racing, it’s about as close as you can get to competitive motorsport in the sim racing world. It is, however, quite expensive and not all that approachable for the casual racer. That’s something iRacing, the self-titled publisher, is just as aware of as it now has plans for a new arcade racing game.

The publisher has signed a deal with Original Fire Games, the developer behind top-down racer Circuit Superstars. It’s the infrastructure of that game which iRacing says will form the basis of this new title, currently known simply as iRacing Arcade.

There’s An iRacing Arcade Game Coming

Although not confirmed, we don’t think this will lead to another top-down racing game but we’re rather hoping more in the spirit of the old Codemasters TOCA Race Driver games or Need for Speed Shift.

We do know this new game will include a career mode and ‘diverse racing offerings in a package geared towards racers of all ages’. It’s also unclear which platforms it’ll come to, but we’d expect Playstation, Xbox and PC.

Tony Gardner, iRacing president, said: “iRacing has long been interested in expanding into other niches in the race gaming market, and we’re thrilled to be doing that with Original Fire Games.

“We have a lot of respect for what they’ve done with Circuit Superstars, as a lot of our team have played and loved the game. Their existing game is fun, very high quality, and the driving is great, three of the things we insist all our games have.”

Of course, it won’t be the first iRacing off-shoot. Also under its umbrella is the World of Outlaws officially licensed dirt racing titles, while it’ll be responsible for the next NASCAR game arriving in 2025 plus ExoCross, another off-road racer set to release this month. 


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