Someone Built An Articulated Lada, Because Why Not

Garage54's newest project involves chopping a Lada 110 in half and rejoining it to make it an articulated vehicle
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Ever looked at one of those articulated ‘bendy’ busses, and wondered what a similarly set-up car might be like? Probably not, we’re guessing, but Garage54’s modus operandi seems to be answering questions no one thought to ask.

As such, the latest project for the Russian YouTube channel involved making such a vehicle. The starting point was a Lada 110 - ideal thanks to its front-engine, front-wheel drive layout. With no propshaft to worry about, it was easy enough to hack the car in half. Each side was given a frame to join the linkages too, with springs going in at the top and a ‘knee joint’ used at the bottom.

Amazingly, it all held together...
Amazingly, it all held together...

To add more comfort and increase the articulation, the springs were later moved further inboard, resulting in a car that “has a mind of its own”. But just check out that turning circle!


Jeremy S.

We have articulated buses, why not articulated cars?

10/20/2020 - 11:23 |
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