The Next Subaru WRX STI Won’t be ICE, If It Happens At All

Subaru has released a statement confirming the death of the mighty WRX STI as we know it
The Next Subaru WRX STI Won’t be ICE, If It Happens At All

It’s official. A petrol-engined Subaru WRX may be making waves in the US, but the Japanese brand has confirmed there’ll never be a combustion-only WRX STI flagship. It’s the end of a burbling flat-four era that began around three decades ago.

In its statement, Subaru said it’s “exploring opportunities for the next generation Subaru WRX STI, including electrification. In the meantime, a next generation internal combustion engine WRX STI will not be produced based upon the new WRX platform.”

The Next Subaru WRX STI Won’t be ICE, If It Happens At All

The reasoning behind the decision is straightforward: Subaru says it needs to “evolve to meet the needs of the changing marketplace and the regulations and requirements for greenhouse gases”. In other words, snorting turbocharged engines and gravel-pummelling four-wheel drive don’t exactly result in low emissions.

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The news puts paid to the rumours Subaru was benchmarking a ‘last hurrah’ STI engine against the rampant 416bhp Mercedes-AMG M139 powertrain, as found in the A45 S. Codenamed ‘FA24’, it was a 2.4-litre turbo with around 400bhp and brawny 361lb ft of torque, which would have given the STI a power upgrade of around a third. With a 0-62mph time in the four-second range, it would have made for a popcorn-worthy fightback against the latest crop of European mega hatches like the Audi RS3.

The Next Subaru WRX STI Won’t be ICE, If It Happens At All

Instead we’ll have to wait and see if a hybrid or even a fully-electric WRX STI is in Subaru’s plans, and if it can perform enough like the much-loved rally car for the road to excite enthusiasts. In this scenario, styling is likely to be a blend of the WRX and Viziv Performance STI concept, with deeper and more aggressive bodywork, a large rear wing, a new interpretation of the STI’s famous bonnet scoop and pink highlights for exterior trim and badges.



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