Jon Olsson's Former RS6 DTM Has Been Burnt To The Ground

Jon Olsson's former RS6 DTM was stolen in an armed robbery last night. Shortly after, it was burnt to the ground never to be enjoyed again...
Jon Olsson's Former RS6 DTM Has Been Burnt To The Ground

After last night’s armed robbery at a petrol station in the Netherlands, Jon Olsson’s former RS6 DTM (now owned by Douwe Leitner) was found burnt to the ground in a parking complex at around 03:30 on Thursday morning. The RS6 was being used for a photo shoot in the Piet Hein tunnel at the time of the robbery which occurred at 11pm on Wednesday evening.

After snatching the car, it is believed that the two armed robbers drove the RS6 down the A10 towards Zaandam before abandoning it in a parking complex. The one-of-a-kind RS6 was then set on fire to destroy all evidence. The fire also hit another parked car.

Interestingly, the car was taken from owner Douwe Leitner with the keys still in Leitner’s pocket, meaning that the robbers would not have been able to start the car after switching it off. RIP.

We caught up with Jon Olsson at the recent Gumball Rally…

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