Here's Your First Look At 'Clarkson's Farm', Jeremy's New Amazon Show

Clarkson's new show, chronicling his life over the last year at the working farm he bought in Oxfordshire, kicks off next month
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Jeremy Clarkson hasn’t let fellow The Grand Tour hosts Richard Hammond and James May have all the extra-curricular Amazon Prime fun. Following on from Hammond’s The Great Escapists and May’s Our Man In Japan/Oh Cook, the streaming platform is about to launch ‘Clarkson’s Farm’.

Previously going under the working title, ‘I Bought The Farm’, the show spends a year with the man at the working farm he purchased in Oxfordshire. Christened ‘Diddly Squat Farm’ the 1000-acre site even has a farm shop the public can visit. Or if you’d prefer, you can watch the trials and tribulations of a self-confessed “inept townie” trying his hand at farming from the comfort of your own home.

Here's Your First Look At 'Clarkson's Farm', Jeremy's New Amazon Show

The show starts on 11 June for an eight-episode run. At this point, it’s unclear if this is a one-off series or if more episodes are planned. It’s looking like Hammond and May’s solo projects will eventually get second seasons, though, so we’re leaning towards the latter outcome.

As for the initial run, it has plenty of ground to cover, having been filmed over the course of the Covid-19 pandemic and in a year of shocking farming weather Clarkson will no doubt describe as ‘biblical’. Thankfully, to offset his lack of agricultural knowledge, the presenter was joined by skilled assistants, some of whom seem to be fantastically blunt.

Yes, that's a Lamborghini tractor
Yes, that's a Lamborghini tractor

As Amazon’s press release puts it:

“Helped only by his gang of agricultural associates, Clarkson quickly discovers that a modern farmer must be a conservationist, scientist, shepherd, shopkeeper, midwife, engineer, accountant and tractor driver, often at the same time.”

It’ll show a very different side to the former Top Gear host, described by Amazon as a “journalist, a broadcaster, and a man who travels the world to slide sideways in supercars while shouting.”

Will you be watching on 11 June?


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