Here's A Nurburgring Lap That Lasted Approximately Two Seconds

A Mercedes-AMG C63 driver was filmed binning it almost immediately after exiting the cones at the Touristenfahrten start point
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In the very early days of YouTube, when you were more likely to see a video shared in a dark corner of a forum rather than an algorithm suggestion on your Smart TV, there was the ‘7 Sec ‘Ring Master’. A moment of comedy gold you felt a little bad for laughing at, the video featured an E30 BMW 325i Sport starting a Nordschleife Touristenfahrten lap at the Adenauer Breidscheid entrance, and crashing - you guessed it - seven seconds later.

14 years later, the driver of that E30 can, at last, relax, as someone has now binned it even earlier on a lap. Captured via an onboard camera belonging to Nurburgring blogger Misha Charoudin, a Mercedes C-Class (likely an AMG C63) can be seen lighting up the rear wheels the moment they clear the final set of cones at the start point between Galgenkopf and Tiergarten, ending up in the Armco barrier.

By our reckoning, the crash itself is about two seconds into the Merc driver’s lap. But really, it was a foregone conclusion from the moment the lap started - that car was going to end up in a barrier. Thus, this can never be beaten as the shortest ever Nurburgring lap.

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As pointed out by many in the comments of both the YouTube and Instagram uploads of the video, the outcome was probably for the best. Given the driver’s approach to throttle control, they might have been something of a liability for other ‘Ring users had they actually made it further than the start.


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