Here Are Mansory’s Ugliest Modified Cars To Date

The very worst of Mansory’s infamous bodykits (in our opinion). Do you agree with our picks?
Here Are Mansory’s Ugliest Modified Cars To Date

Mansory is undoubtedly one of the most divisive names in the car tuning industry, and the German firm isn’t afraid to push the boundaries – even with multi-million-pound hypercars. From Porsches and Mercedes to Ferraris and Bugattis, Mansory has built a body kit for them all (with some looking worse than others).

On the back of Mansory’s carbon-fibre cluster bombing of the F8 Spider, we’ve rounded up the very worst of the German tuner’s creations for your own displeasure. We’ve also added a couple of the firm’s better-looking creations, so your faith in humanity isn’t totally lost. These are subjective, of course, so let us know if you agree with our choices. Without further ado, here are the worst cars Mansory has produced, in our opinion.

4. Porsche Cayenne ‘Chopster’

Here Are Mansory’s Ugliest Modified Cars To Date

Kicking off the list is Mansory’s unusual take on the Porsche Cayenne. The folks at Mansory HQ have given the Cayenne a whopping new front end that could probably swallow up a Smart car, and clad the entire body in carbon fibre. Other highlights include unmissable silver decals and rediculously sized alloy wheels. You won’t be keeping a low profile in this Cayenne, that’s for sure.

3. Bugatti Chiron ‘Centuria’

Here Are Mansory’s Ugliest Modified Cars To Date

The Bugatti Chiron is arguably the most remarkable feat of automotive engineering, and the French firm has stopped at nothing to build the fastest and most luxurious machine on four wheels. Despite Bugatti’s efforts, Mansory felt it could improve on the original with its ‘Centuria’ package, and we’re not sure it’s been successful.

The Centuria equips the Chiron with a host of new aero pieces, including a new front diffuser, side skirts, a rear spoiler, new alloy wheels and a roof scoop. The most unforgivable offence can be seen at the car’s rear end, where the quad-split circular exhaust and the overwhelming diffuser will undoubtedly divide opinion. Personally, we’d stick to the original.

2. Mercedes SLS AMG ‘Cormeum’

Here Are Mansory’s Ugliest Modified Cars To Date

If there’s one way to ruin the gorgeous Mercedes SLS AMG, then it’s with Mansory’s Cormeum programme. The package includes a wide-mouthed front bumper, an aerodynamic body kit, and a gigantic rear wing. This one really speaks for itself, and if you couldn’t already tell, we aren’t exactly fans of what Mansory has done to this gullwing-doored beauty.

1. Ferrari ‘Stallone’ F12

Here Are Mansory’s Ugliest Modified Cars To Date

Our pick for the worst Mansory body kit has to be the Stallone Ferrari F12, which features a seriously questionable front end that could reduce a Ferrari fan to tears. The F12 has been transformed from a sleek and subtle supercar with Italian charm to what looks like a homage to knock-off Ferrari replicas. In fact, we think that the controversial Audi R8 V10-based LaFerrari replica looks more like a real Ferrari than Mansory’s take on the F12. Aside from that front bumper, other modifications include larger alloy wheels, a vented hood, redesigned side skirts, new carbon fibre body panels and a new rear diffuser.

While Mansory has undoubtedly produced some striking body kits in the past, there have also been a couple of half-decent ones worth pointing out. Here are a couple of our favourites from Mansory’s collection:

Porsche 911 997

Here Are Mansory’s Ugliest Modified Cars To Date

Thankfully, Mansory kept things relatively simple with its ‘facelift’ for the 997-generation Porsche 911. The car’s original shape remains intact, though the original panels and certain interior pieces have been replaced with new carbon-fibre components. While this 997 is by no means perfect, it remains relatively subtle – a word that is clearly missing from Mansory’s dictionary.

BSTN GT XI Lawnmower

Here Are Mansory’s Ugliest Modified Cars To Date

This one-off Mansory lawn mower must be the German firm’s greatest creation. Designed in collaboration with BTSN Premium Sportswear, the lawn mower pays tribute to the first Air Jordan sneaker and enables the lawnmower’s lucky owner to cut their garden’s grass in whitewall-tyred style. The ultimate in grasscare one-upmanship.

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The original Chopster made by Rinspeed looks way better against that monstrosity and guess the designer of the 911 bodykit was fired for not being ‘in line with the brand identity’. My face while watching the other models:

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