Gymkhana 2020 Is Here And The Jumps Are Spectacular

Travis Pastrana's takeover for the 11th Gymkaha film is live for your viewing pleasure
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Ladies and gents, it’s here - Gymkhana 11. Well, technically it’s called Gymkhana 2020, and the name isn’t the only way it breaks from the tyre-shredding norm we’re used to by now. Ken Block has handed the keys to his former Rally America teammate Travis Pastrana, and after using Fords for much of the series, we’re back to a Subaru.

Specifically, it’s a carbon-bodied WRX STI, putting out 850bhp and 664lb ft of torque from a heavily boosted 2.3-litre boxer four. Here, we see it tear around Annapolis, the capital of Maryland and Pastrana’s hometown.

Gymkhana 2020 Is Here And The Jumps Are Spectacular

It’s the jumps that define the video, with one colossal leap over part of the city’s harbour setting the tone early on, which also involves a powerboat racer. Obviously. Later, we see the STI take to the sky at 150mph. Oh, and there’s also a jumps sideways performed while stunt plane shoots by. You really won’t be left wanting for airtime, and as a nice bonus, we also get a surprise appearance of the 2022 Subaru BRZ.

Block is absent from the video, leaving the limelight solely on Pastrana. And also Pastrana’s kids, who appear in the end credits. Turns out they also like jumping. Right at the end, we’re promised an extended cut of Gymkhana 2020, which will go live at some point next year.

Gymkhana 12 will, as far as we’re aware, go back to focusing on Block.


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