A Ford Fanatic Has Commissioned A £77,000 Transit Sports-Camper

A lifelong Ford nut has commissioned two conversion experts to join forces and create a wildly expensive ‘dream’ Transit camper, complete with lowered suspension and a full kitchen
A Ford Fanatic Has Commissioned A £77,000 Transit Sports-Camper

Check out this striking Ford Transit camper conversion, built by two expert companies to provide a lifelong Ford fanatic with his dream mobile home.

Based on an automatic Transit Custom, the £77,000 end product is Steve North’s idea of perfection. Working with MS-RT for the exterior and Wellhouse on the inside, he custom-specified the fully-equipped camper exactly to his taste.

A Ford Fanatic Has Commissioned A £77,000 Transit Sports-Camper

The York-based Blue Oval enthusiast, who began his obsession as a child, cleaning Ford carburettors and tuning Ford engines at a garage in Stillington, North Yorkshire. His first car was a MkI Escort and he also once built a MkII Escort rally car from a road car base, so he does like a motorsport-inspired Ford.

MS-RT, Ford’s approved adder of sporty bits, gave the 167bhp diesel Transit a full body kit, anthracite OZ Racing alloy wheels, twin exhausts and an eye-catching set of graphics. Essentially the design was adapted to Steve’s spec from the existing MS-RT offering for the Transit Custom.

A Ford Fanatic Has Commissioned A £77,000 Transit Sports-Camper

Then luxury Transit interior specialist Wellhouse went to town on the inside. They gave it a full kitchen, plush seating area trimmed in Ford-traditional blue and white, and an extendable roof to make room for an ‘upstairs’ bedroom. The van was also fitted with xenon headlights, sat-nav, adaptive cruise control and an Alcantara-trimmed dashboard.

A Ford Fanatic Has Commissioned A £77,000 Transit Sports-Camper

Steve clearly loves it, telling Ford GB:

“I wanted an MS-RT Transit campervan built to my own specifications and my expectations are pretty high.

“I’m hoping to have some good times out exploring some Ford shows and motorbike shows – once my trailer has been built to carry my classic bikes – and I’m looking forward to travelling around the country seeking out new adventures.”

A Ford Fanatic Has Commissioned A £77,000 Transit Sports-Camper

Ford itself will begin to offer a Transit-based camper in the UK later this year. Called the Transit Custom Nugget, it’s developed in tandem with Westfalia and is already on sale in several EU markets.



Get out of the way vin diesel, here comes van diesel

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I mean “ I am groot”

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Lord Saucius The Divine

The inside looks better then the north american transits

07/25/2019 - 12:15 |
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That’s because this particular Transit is fully equipped with almost everything you can think of. Regular barebones Transits are just as cheap as the North American models, they’re utility vehicles after all.

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If MORE caravaners took this approach, we’d all be better off

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I love those OZ wheels so much, they would look ace on my Smax.

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