The Fiat Multipla Is Officially The Ugliest Car Ever Made

We put this age-old question to the vote, and now we can announce the winner!

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Last week we ran a poll to get your view on an often-asked question: what is the ugliest car ever made? We compiled a list of cars created with your help via our Facebook page. A massive 3,303 votes later, and we have a winner! Taking a huge 33 per cent (1,102 votes) on our poll, the dubious prize goes to the Fiat Multipla.

Fiat Multipla

There's no denying that the first-generation Multipla is a very practical car thanks to two rows of three seats and clever packaging, but to look at? Oh dear. That muffin-top bulge at the bottom of the A-pillars combined with those bug-eyed headlights really isn't a good look.


Following up in second place is the Pontiac Aztek. Its role as Walter White's daily driver in Breaking Bad may have turned it into something of a cult vehicle, but you guys still don't like the car's disastrous looks. It upset a substantial 25 per cent of you (817 votes).

2007 Toyota Prius Touring Edition

Closing out the podium was the Toyota Prius, some way behind the Multipla and the Aztek on 10 per cent (322 votes), while the awkwardly-styled Ssangyong Rodius netted eight per cent (253 votes). The big surprise is that just one per cent behind (235 votes) in fifth place was the Bugatti Veyron - the inclusion of which had proved controversial.

Bugatti Veyron (

At the bottom end of the poll, the AMC Pacer and Smart Fortwo came away relatively unscathed, both netting just one per cent (41 and 21 votes, respectively).


So, do any of these results come as a surprise? Let us know by hitting the comments section.


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