Dodge 'Chief Donut Maker' Job Application Process Detailed

Dodge is now taking applications for its 'Chief Donut Maker' brand ambassador role, which comes with a $150k salary and a free Hellcat
Dodge 'Chief Donut Maker' Job Application Process Detailed

Having announced its intention to employ a ‘Chief Donut Maker’ a few months back, Dodge has now opened up applications for the amusingly-titled brand ambassador role. It’s pretty simple - all you need do is enter a few details on the Dodge Garage site to get an application ID number, which then needs to be submitted with a sub-two-minute “interview video”.

Entrants are expected to show why they should land the job while “demonstrating passion, charisma and creativity,” Dodge says. If the submission is deemed impressive enough, the process gets a bit harder - you’ll go into a top 10 shootout overseen by wrestling champion Bill Goldberg, himself a long-time Dodge brand ambassador.

This will involve reality TV-style elimination rounds with numerous challenges including an on-track race with “a Dodge horsepower heavyweight”. The final episode revealing the winner will come out this Spring.

The successful applicant shouldn’t have to quit their day job, as the position is described as a “side hustle”. And for anyone in doubt about the kind of doughnuts Dodge is referring to, the company says “think celebratory car maneuvers, not glazed crullers”. But hey, with a $150,000 paycheck for a year of work, you should have some spare cash for such sugary treats.

Dodge 'Chief Donut Maker' Job Application Process Detailed

The Donut Maker will receive free driver tuition at Radford Racing School and the keys to a Hellcat company car - whether that’s Challenger or Charger-shaped is presumably up to the winning candidate. In return, they’re expected to suit up in Dodge-supplied clothing, appear at various car events including Roadkill Nights and keep the brand’s social media feeds full of content.

Dodge 'Chief Donut Maker' Job Application Process Detailed

Summing up the role, Dodge CEO Tim Kuniskis said:

“We’re looking to hire someone just like them as our chief donut maker, someone who will embody their crazy can-do America-muscle spirit and carry the torch of the single most engaged group of enthusiasts the automotive industry has to offer. And what better way to find them than creating this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to drive the No.1 muscle car in America.”

The application process closes on 28 February 28 2022, and Dodge will take a maximum of 10,000 submissions.


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