Concrete Tyres Work, But They're Not Exactly Durable

Garage54 (who else?) decided to see what happened if it made a set of tyres from concrete
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For a lot of people, this is the first day back at work after the festive period. Many will likely be staring at screens in a confused state, struggling with the concept of spending the day doing anything other than eating cheese and watching Star Wars.

Thankfully, we can rely on the ever-resourceful folk who run Russian YouTube channel Garage54 to give us some much-needed levity. This has been done via a video the team first uploaded about 18 months ago, which has been dubbed into English for the first time.

Concrete Tyres Work, But They're Not Exactly Durable

It involves a set of tyres made from concrete, which were (inevitably) fitted to a Lada. Conventional rubber tyres were used as moulds, with a hole cut in each one for the cement to be poured in.

Incredibly, the arrangement did actually work. Traction was reasonable, and the suspension held up to the beating of the 50kg wheel and ‘tyre’ combos at each corner. That said, the car didn’t have to put up with the abuse for long - the concrete hoops weren’t especially durable.


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