Classifieds' Car Of The Day: Seductive Saab 900 Turbo

We spot another sexy Swede for sale, and want it badly


After bringing you a tempting Volvo 480 last time out, we thought we'd stick with the sexy Swede theme. Today, it's this lovely Saab 900 Turbo that we're yearning for. Unlike the more modern efforts from the recently defunct manufacturer, which are mostly rehashed General Motors products, this is a proper Saab.

It's awash with mad features including a deeply curved windscreen and an engine mounted longitudinally (despite being front-wheel drive) and backwards. Most importantly though, the 1990 example we're looking at has a turbo.


And is there anything cooler than an old Saab Turbo with Ronal three-spoke alloy wheels? We don't think so. This example is up for a reasonable £2500. It looks to be in very good order, and has a massively detailed advert, which is always reassuring. It comes with a full service history, and the often troublesome headlining has been redone.


The 900 Turbo packs a healthy 175bhp, which is enough for a respectable 0-60mph time of just over eight seconds. If you need more convincing (though we're not sure why you would), just bear this in mind: these cars could be picked up for under a grand only a few years ago.

So now's the time to buy before prices head any further north, and if you choose wisely you'll have a fast-appreciating, very cool classic on your driveway.


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