The Civic Type R In That Awesome Interactive Advert Was Totally Fake

The visual effects team behind the Type R sections of Honda's brilliant ad have revealed how they created the car from scratch
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In case you haven’t seen it already, go and check out Honda’s ridiculously clever Civic Type R advert. As if Honda hadn’t had enough fun blowing our minds, the visual effects team behind the darker side of the advert has revealed that the R never really existed.

Ahead of the automobile’s launch, The Mill’s 3D team carefully crafted the red Type R model entirely in CG for the film and the expert Flame team seamlessly composited the CG vehicle into the night-time narrative to match perfectly with our hero’s daytime alter-ego.

Their work is flawless. I’d assumed it was likely just a standard Civic dressed up in Type R accoutrements, but to find out it was all CG is incredible.


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