1000bhp Five-Pot Ford Fiesta Keeps The Spirit Of Group B Alive

With a 2.5-litre Ford Focus RS engine powering all four wheels, this Mk5 Fiesta hill climb car is an absolute animal
Ford Fiesta hill climb car
Ford Fiesta hill climb car

You have to feel for the fifth-generation Ford Fiesta ST. It wasn’t a bad car, really, it was just completely overshadowed by the two pint-sized STs that came next. The sixth and seventh-generation versions of the Fiesta ST have, after all, gone down as two of the best-handling hot hatches ever made. Going some way to improve the Mk5’s image as a performance car, though, is this monster.

Built with hill climb events in mind, it uses an inline-five turbo engine borrowed from the Focus RS, which, don’t forget, is really a Volvo engine. And Volvo knows a thing about building tough, warbly inline-five engines.

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Sure enough, this one’s been cranked up to 1,000bhp, more than three times the output of the MkII Focus RS, and more than six times the output of a Mk5 Fiesta ST. And as the car weighs around a tonne, it has the magical 1:1 power-to-weight ratio.

As you might have noticed from the under-bonnet shot, the engine is also mounted longitudinally rather than transversely, as it now powers both ends of the car via a ‘proper’ all-wheel drive system.

That means it’ll quite happily do brilliant skids, as showcased by its driven Stian Hafsengen, a hill climb and rallycross ace from Norway previously known for throwing shapes in an Escort WRC.

Ford Fiesta hill climb car - engine
Ford Fiesta hill climb car - engine

Hafsegen quite happily sends it in this video from Hillclimb Monsters, a YouTube channel to which we’ve lost a lot of time and productivity, and the action here is as captivating as ever. Hafsegen really doesn’t hold back, at one point pushing it a bit too far and losing a front bumper. Yet still happily thrashes the car all the way to the finish line amidst a Group B-like soundtrack.

Fancy more hill climb silliness? The same channel has a video featuring a superbike-engined Fiat 600 being driven with a similar level of intent.


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