Lewis Hamilton Is Back To Whipping An R34 Skyline Around Tokyo

The seven-time Formula One world champion is once again making videos with Godzilla in Tokyo, having done so already in 2022
Lewis Hamilton Is Back To Whipping An R34 Skyline Around Tokyo

Things on the track may not be going Lewis Hamilton’s way in Formula One this year, but there’s no doubt the seven-time world champion is making the most of time away from it. Back in 2022, Hamilton posted a wicked video of him hooning an R34 Nissan Skyline around Tokyo, and he’s back at it once again.

Presumably filmed around the Japanese Grand Prix earlier this month, this time Hamilton is behind the wheel of a Bayside Blue GT-R for another cinematic escapade around the capital of Japan. Bonus points for the white Rays TE37s.

He spends a lot of time around Tokyo Tower with Godzilla this time, though we do get some plenty of action on the Japanese cities’ famous highway system as well as a few beautiful shots of Shibuya Crossing.

Hooning is a little more limited this time around, though we do get to see Hamilton giving us a few skids and highway pulls. ‘Just another night in Tokyo’, his caption tells us. Oh, a life we wish to live.

We’re assuming Hamilton is renting R34 Skylines for these videos, but we wouldn’t be surprised if he hasn’t at least considered buying one at this rate. Clearly, he’s caught the bug - if his early days of Gran Turismo hadn’t done that already - and although values may be skyrocketing, that’s not going to be a major issue if you believe reports his new Ferrari contract is worth around £80m a year.

Certainly, the current Mercedes man has had some special cars in his time. Most memorable is his Pagani Zonda 760 LH which he described as the best-sounding car he’s ever had, but also the worst handling. There’s been a pretty healthy collection of Ferrari road cars too, and a few American machines including two original Shelby Cobra 427s.


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