Listen To This Superbike-Powered Fiat 600 Scream To 14,000rpm

Jovan Perunovic’s Fiat 600 Proto hillclimb machine is truly worth a listen
Listen To This Superbike-Powered Fiat 600 Scream To 14,000rpm

Superbike engines being stuffed into cars is no new thing. After all, it only takes a look at manufacturers like Radical to see a whole segment of the industry built on the concept. However, when you see one’s been stuffed into the back of a Fiat, it’s one to open your eyes (and your ears).

Granted, this Fiat 600 Proto is no ordinary classic hatchback. The hillclimb monster has been stretched and swollen with arches almost doubling the car’s width, along with a wing big enough to be classified as a sovereign state strapped to the back.

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It needs the downforce, mind you. It sources its engine from a BMW S1000RR superbike, with the 999cc four-stroke inline-four lightly fettled to produce 212bhp at a deafening 14,000rpm. Headphone users beware, it gets pretty loud.

Weighing in at just 580kg, the result is around 366bhp-per-tonne, with power thumped to the rear wheels. It’d take some balls to hoon this thing along.

Driver Jovan Pernovic lays his on the table in this ‘demo run’ hustling the 600 Proto to a clocked 112mph on the back of a tight Croatian mountain pass. It may not seem all that much, but just look at the size of the car, and how narrow those roads are.

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It turns out there’s a bit of a trend in Croatia for bike-powered Fiat 600s. Last year, one powered by a Suzuki GSX-R1000 engine popped up at an event on the same Skradin Hillclimb, while a few years ago footage emerged of another using a Kawasaki ZXR-12-sourced unit with very little aero - by comparison to Pernovic’s 600 - pinning it to the ground.

If someone could kindly stick all of these mad Fiats into one playlist, we’ll be having a very unproductive afternoon.


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