The 10 Weirdest Driving Laws In The World

Ever wondered what the weirdest rules for driving are across the globe? Wonder no more...

10. Denmark: you must check for people under your car before setting off.

One way of stopping people from sleeping under your car. Yo. Image from

In Denmark it is a requirement that a driver checks underneath their vehicle to ensure that there is no body (alive or otherwise) hidden underneath.

9. Pennsylvania: drivers on country lanes must stop every mile.

cows in road

If you find yourself driving in Pennsylvania on a country road, the law dictates that you must stop every mile, send up a flare and wait 10 minutes for livestock to be cleared from the road.

8. Memphis and New Orleans: man with flag must walk in front of women drivers.

man red flag

Nothing like a bit of mild sexism from the Southern States. It is in fact true that female drivers must have man walk in front with red flag in what must be the most antiquated law on this list.

7. Alabama: it is illegal to drive while blind-folded.

Image from

There is indeed a law stipulating that it is illegal to wear a blind-fold while driving. It makes you wonder precisely what the circumstances of this law coming into existence were. Did people forget? Did somebody try showing off, with those immortal words, 'what's the worst that can happen?'

6. Alaska: it's illegal to tether a dog to the roof.

In Alaska, you will be judged for this. Image from

And again, why would you? Perhaps you dislike your canine companion, or perhaps you wanted to give Scooby-Doo a better view of the scenery. Either way, state law expressly forbids such treatment of your pet. And anyway, being Alaska a polar bear might eat it.

5. Florida: parked elephants must be paid for.

Don't pay your parking and expect to be towed, just like the rest of us. Image from

If you take your elephant to the shops and 'park it' in a car park, you must pay the going rate.

4. Tennessee and California: no shooting animals from your car, unless whale.

This is highly illegal. Unless you're aiming for a whale... Image from

It wouldn’t be hyperbolic to state that Americans love their guns just as much as they love their cars. As such, somebody has seen it fit to remind citizens that taking pot-shots at nature from the comfort of their SUV is a strict no-no. That is, of course, unless you happen to spot a whale and fancy shooting that. In this instance, you're OK.

3. Russia: it is illegal to drive a dirty car.

Literally illegal in Russia. Image from

Yes, you did read that one correctly. Hidden away in Russia's driving laws it is decreed that a dirty car is an illegal car. Judging by this video, this law against filthy cars is either ignored by the entire population, or ruthlessly enforced given the manner in which the law arrive at the scene of two dirty cars parked at the lights. Frankly, the Russians have more to worry about on their roads than messy cars.

2. California: it's illegal to jump from cars travelling over 65mph.


Like the blind-fold laws in Alabama, it is somewhat unclear how this one came into existence, but exist it does. It is illegal to jump from one moving vehicle to another, unless said vehicles are travelling below 65mph. In this case, it would seem that you are free to knock yourselves out. Wear a helmet.

1. UK: No peeing in public, unless it’s the right rear wheel of your car.

The ONLY valid reason for pissing on your car? Image from

This one is a bit antiquated and may not cut it with the fuzz, but should you be caught short and in dire need for a slash, it is within the law for you to do so in public provided you aim squarely at the right, rear wheel of your horseless carriage. Certainly an odd one to finish on, but it just might spare you a night in the cells at Her Majesty’s pleasure. It does however beg the question of just how pissed you have to be to take a leak on your own car.

Honourable Mention Derby, Kansas: do a burnout and go to prison.

"But officer, my foot slipped!" Image from

It might not be the most outrageous law here, but for any of you who worship at the table of Hoon, this will make your blood run cold. What is outrageous is the 30 days imprisonment this can land you, should you come across a particularly spiteful judge.

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