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F1 Grand Prix----1967 Italian Grand Prix

F1 Grand Prix----1967 Italian Grand Prix - Formula 1

For the last 3 years in F1, we have been through a lot of boring races (even though there were great race like Hungarian this year), but anyway. Let us back in time, to the September 10th, 1967.


Lotus 49, Jim Clark became the pole sitter of 1967 Italian Grand Prix
Lotus 49, Jim Clark became the pole sitter of 1967 Italian Grand Prix

The 1967 Italian Grand Prix was a championship race which held at Monza, 18 drivers were took part in the race. At the qualifiying session was through in a wet condition, Jim Clark the rain master took the pole position instantly for the Sunday race, with Jack Brabham and Bruce Mclaren setting 2nd and 3rd in their own racing car, and mean while, in 9th place was the 1964 F1 Champion John Surtees, didn’t in the old Honda RA273, but in the all new RA300 which race a grand prix race for the first time.

The start

F1 Grand Prix----1967 Italian Grand Prix - Formula 1

After the chequered flag waved, the grand prix was officially started. At the start saw Mclaren took the lead from Clark, and after a few more lap saw Clark took the lead until lap 12. A puncture was on Clark’s car, Clark pit on the lap and lost an entire lap time. After the pitstop of Clark, saw a magic moment when Clark took the lead of the grand prix again at lap 60 and pulled away from the other drivers.

The dramatic last lap

Lotus 49
Lotus 49

On the last lap, people hoping for Jim Clark to won the race as he pulled away with the others, but some unfortunate thing happened on Clark’s car when a faulty fuel pump slow Clark down. Meanwhile, Surtees and Brabham saw the chance and overtook Jim Clark, but the battle of 1st place was still on, on the Rettifilo Centro straight the two drivers was going side by side, looks like the Aussie took the lead, heading to the last corner——the Parabolica, Brabham went wide, Surtees saw the chance in the inside line, they were going side by side once again………

The finish

Honda RA300, won the 1967 Italian Grand Prix
Honda RA300, won the 1967 Italian Grand Prix

As you can see in the picture, Brabham was close to the win, how much? Only 0.2 second between the 1st place. And Surtees in the Honda won the Grand Prix. Clark on 3rd place in the Lotus, Rindt on 4th in the Cooper, Spence on 5th in the BRM and Ickx on 6th in the other Cooper. The Tifosi won’t be happy as Amon in the Ferrari finished 7th just outside the point. And the most happiest on the weekend was definitely the Japanese manufacturers who finished first with its debuted Honda RA300. In fact, the Honda RA300 is the only F1 car ever to take its single victory in its very first Grand Prix, and on the only lap it would ever lead. Meanwhile even Jim Clark didn’t won the grand prix, but still, it was one of it’s best race in his career, but sadly after just 7 months, the 2 time Champion died in a Formula Two race held in Hockenheim. R.I.P

John Surtees

F1 Grand Prix----1967 Italian Grand Prix - Formula 1

Jim Clark

F1 Grand Prix----1967 Italian Grand Prix - Formula 1

Pole Position : Jim Clark, Lotus-Ford
Time : 1:28.5

Fastest Lap : Jim Clark, Lotus-Ford
Time : 1:28.5 on Lap 26

Result : P1 John Surtees Honda 1:43:45.0
P2 Jack Brabham Brabham-Repco +0.2
P3 Jim Clark Lotus-Ford +23.1
P4 Jochen Rindt Cooper-Maserati +56.6
P5 Mike Spence BRM +1 Lap
P6 Jacky Ickx Cooper-Maserati +2 Laps

P.S. : 1. After the dealth of Jack Brabham in 2014, John Surtees is currently the oldest living F1 Champion.

        2. 1967 Italian GP is 1 of the 3 Honda's Grand Prix win (As a team not an engine supplier), the other 2 is 1965 Mexican GP won by Richie Ginther and 2006 Hungarian GP won by Jenson Button.

Last lap