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Watch Two Idiot Drivers Block Half A Motorway For No Damn Reason

In this baffling incident, two drivers took it upon themselves to block traffic, mistakenly thinking the outside lane was closed

Remind me later

It’s really, really hard to watch this video and resit the urge to repeatedly bang your head against the nearest table. Filmed via a dashcam on the M62 motorway near Huddersfield, UK, the footage shows the camera car approaching traffic, which he begins to slowly pass on the clearer outside lane.

At the 21 second mark, a Kia Sedona driver pulls out to block the outside lane, taking it upon himself to enforce a lane closure displayed on an earlier gantry sign. But here’s the thing: the lane had already re-opened, which was shown by the following gantry showing ‘40’ on each lane and no red crosses - something Mr Sedona clearly missed.

Even if there was a lane closure, the uploader would still be in the right, as the Highway Code actually encourages merging in turn under such circumstances (rule 134, if you’re bored and want to look it up), so long as it’s at lower speeds.

Watch Two Idiot Drivers Block Half A Motorway For No Damn Reason - News

The camera car driver and even drivers behind him are seen getting out and pleading with our misinformed Kia driver to let them past, to no avail. Then, just to ramp up the frustration level further, a Ford Kuga driver later decides to team up with our misinformed Kia man, blocking the next lane over to the left too. And for what looks like a significant period of time - we can’t even begin to imagine the length of the tailback this moronic pair caused.

At the 5min 20sec mark the Sedona-driving douchebag finally gives in, having seen that the next gantry was displaying all four lanes as open. He moves over, letting dozens of frustrated motorists past.

The stupid is very, very strong with this one.