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One Of The Koenigsegg Jesko’s Options Costs Almost $500,000

If you’re one of the lucky Jesko buyers, it’s easy to splurge the price of a nice house on one single bodywork option

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Koenigsegg - One Of The Koenigsegg Jesko’s Options Costs Almost $500,000 - News

The Koenigsegg Jesko starts from around £2.3 million but, as with any super-exclusive hypercar there’s plenty to scope to hand over much more money. You can make it your own on the configurator, as long as you’re one of the 125 people who’ve secured one. This video by businessman Manny Khoshbin shows some of the extras you can spec.

You can add metallic paint, but it’s a little more expensive than picking a shiny colour on a normal car - it’s $14,000, or around £10,700. Dacia will sell you a whole car for that much (although admittedly you won’t get 1,578bhp in a Sandero).

That kind of sets the tone, really, but there’s one bodywork option that is truly staggering. To have your Jesko in naked carbon fibre costs a barely believable $443,400 (roughly £340,000), which could otherwise pay for a Lamborghini Aventador daily driver.

Or, you can pick from a ‘clear’ carbon body for just shy of $300,000 (£229,000), so it seems having a lacquer layer actually reduces the price by £111,000. You can even have the carbon fibre tinted green, blue, red or purple, and these don’t cost as much as the naked carbon body either. Koenigsegg even offers a few free solid paint colours, but you’ve got to have at least metallic paint, right?

Koenigsegg - One Of The Koenigsegg Jesko’s Options Costs Almost $500,000 - News

The five pearl paint shades cost a smidge under $25,000, while the Apple Red and Mandarin Orange candy paint colours are $63,300 (over £48,000) each.

Then there’s the Koenigsegg Jesko Absolut, which is theoretically capable of hitting over 500km/h (310mph), and likely comes with an even higher price.

Assuming you were rich enough to buy a Jesko in the first place, would you pick the naked carbon option?