This Bugatti Chiron’s Crumpled Nose Is All Kinds Of Sadness

A bad decision from one or more drivers on the wonderful – but traffic-packed – Gotthard Pass has led to high-value damage that will poke your feels with a big, pointy stick

A damaged hypercar is never a joy-inspiring sight but a crumpled Bugatti Chiron represents a special kind of ouch.

This bruised, battered and stranded example of the 1479bhp French fancy was spotted by a number of drivers who were traversing the stunning Gotthard Pass in Switzerland; a tourist hotspot at this time of year. With it was a wrecked convertible Porsche 911 GTS and a Mercedes C-Class estate, both of which were apparently involved in the same collision.

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Reports suggest that the Chiron driver, having rather a lot of power on tap and an itchy throttle foot, decided to try to overtake a bunch of peasants in their relative boggo-boxes, when one of those cheapo cars ahead – the Porsche – pulled out as well, just as the vastly quicker Chiron was getting into its biblical stride.

Bonk. The Chiron hit the back of the Porsche, spinning the unfortunate GTS into both the Mercedes and a large motorhome, which, presumably, was the vehicle holding the queue up. The Chiron can be seen with nasty cosmetic front-end damage and visible safety system deployment, including the pedestrian-friendly ejecto-bonnet and both front airbags. The insurance bill will be utterly terrifying.

This Bugatti Chiron’s Crumpled Nose Is All Kinds Of Sadness

The GTS looks like it might be a write-off while we don’t get to see much of the C-Class. Unconfirmed reports suggest one of the drivers – most likely the Porsche pilot – was quite seriously injured. Either way, kids, remember the saying about great power and great responsibility: someone could have been punted off the side of a Swiss mountain here. It’s always better to arrive late in one piece than never to arrive at all.

We wish the injured party a full and speedy recovery. There’s a get-well-soon card in the post for the Chiron.


slevo beavo

I don’t know Switzerland road laws but I’m guessing the 911 driver will be at fault for the whole thing.

Hope their injuries aren’t too serious

08/15/2020 - 12:41 |
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Robert Gracie

The Porsche driver is going to find out just how vicious the Swiss traffic laws are for dangerous driving…..

08/15/2020 - 15:49 |
8 | 0
Chris D.

Looks like Silvester Stillone lmao

08/26/2020 - 00:39 |
0 | 0



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