The Real Star Of This Koenigsegg 'Mini Blockbuster' Is An Old Volvo

Koenigsegg's fun and slickly produced 'Time to Reign' short film may focus on a Regera, but a Volvo 940 steals the show
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Koenigsegg seems like a fun place to work, and not just for the obvious reason that its main output consists of hugely complex hypercars. No, we’re referring to ‘Time to Reign: A Koenigsegg Mini Blockbuster’ - a short film released by the Swedish company.

It’s been produced entirely in house, with Christian von Koenigsegg’s son Sebastian taking on writing/direction duties and various staff members making up the cast. Along with Christian and his wife Halldora, who play themselves, the cast includes marketing and events coordinator Christina Nordin as ‘Phoenix’ and designer Marcello Raeli as ‘The Hacker’.

The Real Star Of This Koenigsegg 'Mini Blockbuster' Is An Old Volvo

The plot centres around the high-tech heist of Christian’s Regera, the last example of the model ever produced. The real star of the show, however, isn’t the unusual direct-drive hypercar, rather a Volvo 940.

The old saloon and a V70 give chase (somehow keeping up with a 1478bhp Koenigsegg, so some hefty suspension of disbelief is required), with the 940 getting a particularly thorough spanking. The old girl gets a suitably dramatic send-off, too.



Robert Gracie

a million quid hypercar being beaten by a Volvo 940….I thought I would never see the day!

07/13/2020 - 10:59 |
1 | 1

lmao fast and furious who?

07/13/2020 - 11:54 |
3 | 0

You know a lot of effort went into this when a Volvo got destroyed

07/13/2020 - 16:23 |
4 | 0


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