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Here's Your First Look At TVR's All-New Sports Car

This new teaser image has been issued by the reborn British manufacturer, which is building a brutish V8 sports car

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TVR - Here's Your First Look At TVR's All-New Sports Car - News

If you’re any sort of petrolhead, the image above should excite you greatly. It was just released by TVR to tease deposit holders on what’s to come from the British manufacturer, which has been given a new lease of life to work on a brand new sports car. The new car is expected to be delivered in 2017, and despite the fact this is the first hint towards how it will look - and that no one knows its performance figures or even how much it’ll cost - the first year of production has already sold out.

So what exactly has 250 people so excited about this new car that they put down a £5000 deposit? Well, TVR has promised that the car will be true to the company’s DNA and British heritage, so you know it’ll be a raw and raucous drive. It’ll also have a Cosworth-tuned version of Ford’s ‘Coyote’ V8, which will be placed in the front of the car. Power will be routed to the rear wheels via a manual gearbox. Old school.

But perhaps key in explaining why prospective customers are putting faith in a brand that has a rather questionable financial history is the fact that this new TVR is being built in conjunction with Gordon Murray. The legendary Formula 1 designer has been working on his own vehicle manufacturing project dubbed iStream, which aims to simplify car construction. The TVR range is expected to be the first to utilise this process.

It’s clear TVR is pretty serious about making this work, particularly when you see that it’s intent on putting a car on the Le Mans 24h grid in 2017. It’s easy to be a skeptic in this day and age, but here’s a story that looks like it’ll have a happy ending.